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Blog Entries

Blog Entry #1 - Party Rental Service Wedding Planning Tips

A quick primer on tips on how to plan when tying the not!

Blog Entry #2 - Great Party Theme Ideas

Spice up your celebrations with these great party theme ideas!

Blog Entry #3 - Economic Party Rental Products

Looking to save money but still have a good time? We have just the right offerings for you!

Blog Entry #4 - Types of Water Slides To Rent or Buy

Beat the heat wave with the perfect type of summer party: a Water Slide party!

Blog Entry #5 - History of Tables

We use them all the time but do we really know about the intruging history of tables? We'll let you know why and how tables came to be a party staple of any good celebration.

Blog Entry #6 - Party Equipment Rentals

It's what we do, what we specialize in. But find out why the equipment at your next party could be a dealbreaker (or dealmaker).

Blog Entry #7 - Best Bounces in Miami (and nation) for rent

We discuss some of the best bounce houses in Miami, but also touch on some national favorites--in case you ever find yourself on vacation and wanting to bounce.

Blog Entry #8 - Economical Party Ideas

Save some money and have a good time. What more can you ask for?

Blog Entry #9 - Most Exclusive Places to Party in Miami

Miami is the Magic City for a reason. Looking to splurge and make a big splash with your friends? Here are some fun places for those who love a night on the town.

Blog Entry #10 - How To Throw a Great Halloween Party

Things are getting spooky! From decorations to costumes, we cover all the ways you can make your Halloween party scary good!

Blog Entry #11 - Benefits of Hiring a Party Rental Company

Here we cover all the benefits of hiring a party rental company, as opposed to the DIY way.

Blog Entry #12 - How To Throw an NFL Football Party

Get your gridiron gang together and celebrate the return of football the right way! Here we provide tips on how to make your football watch party a touchdown!

Blog Entry #13 - What Makes a Good Party Rental Company?

We discuss all the characteristics that make a party rental company stand out.

Blog Entry #14 - Difference Between a Party Planner and Party Equipment Rental Company

Don't get them confused! While a party planner and a party equipment rental company often work together to craft a great party, their responsibilities do differ.

Blog Entry #15 - Food Safety at Parties

Food safety for your guests is imperative! Nothing ruins a good time like someone getting sick. Here we discuss food safety tips so you can avoid disaster.

Blog Entry #16 - Inflatable Water Slide Safety Tips

Water slides are as fun as they come when it comes to kids parties but they can be potentially disasterous if proper water slide safety isn't taken. Here we provide some water slide safety tips to put you at ease.

Blog Entry #17 - 5 Most Popular Inflatable Water Slides

Whether you're looking to rent or own, there are plenty of viable water slide options for you! Explore more here.

Blog Entry #18 - Advantages of Throwing an Outdoor Party

When the weather permits, outdoor parties just have a different feel than indoor ones. Let's talk about the pros of an outdoor party.

Blog Entry #19 - Inflatables For a Fitness Day Party

They're called "bounce" houses for a reason! Trick your body into staying fit while having a ton of fun with inflatables for fitness!

Blog Entry #20 - How To Start a Party Rental Business

Looking to get into the party rental business? Here are a few tips on how to get started.

Blog Entry #21 - Birthday Cake Ideas

A great birthday cake is the cornerstone of any great birthday party! Here are some fresh ideas in case you're looking to switch it up!

Blog Entry #22 - Birthday Decoration Ideas For Girls

Planning for girls can differ slightly sometimes from boys, so here are some tips on how to plan for your birthday girl!

Blog Entry #23 - Inflatable Water Slides For Adults

Water slides aren't just for the children! Here, we cover some of the best inflatable water slides for adults so the grown ups can make a splash too!

Blog Entry #24 - Selecting The Right Bounce House Rental Business and Inflatables

Selecting the right bounce house rental business can be a pain in the neck! However, we've got some tips to make the decision easier for you.

Blog Entry #25 - The Perfect Party Venue

The setting is just as important for the party as everything else. Make sure to read our primer on choosing the perfect venue for your party.

Blog Entry #26 - Beat The Summer Heat with a Water Slide

In Miami, every day feels like a summer day so even if it's November, beat the heat with a wonderful water slide.

Blog Entry #27 - Rural Wedding Ideas

If you're from Miami and aren't about the nightlife, glitz and glamour, rural wedding ideas might be a nice change of pace for you.

Blog Entry #29 - Giant Slides Make You Smile No Matter The Age

You are never too old for a giant slide, find out why giant slides just bring out the youthful spirit in us.

Blog Entry #30 - Nicky Party Rental has a New Youtube Channel

Find us on Youtube now!

Blog Entry #31 - What types of clients rent our party equipment?

From the most corporate and professional of all parties, to sweet sixteens and baby showers, a great party can be delivered to clients of all shapes and sizes!

Blog Entry #32 - 7 Tips for an Awesome Party for Guests Between 21 and 40

Sometimes, there are parties that aren't for the kids. Here we cover 7 tips on how to create a great party for your adult friends!

Blog Entry #33 - Which Inflatable is Best For Your Home or Business

Deciding on an inflatable can be a slipperry slope (no pun intended!) but we'll help you make the right choice for your home or business.

Blog Entry #34 - Organizing a Party? Use Our List To Help You Get On Right Track

When preparation meets opportunity, success is inevitable! Prepare for your party using our list and cover all the important parts.

Blog Entry #35 - Great Tips for Brides Who Want a Stellar Wedding Party

As if the bride to be doesn't have enough on her plate, she also has to worry about setting a great wedding experience for her guests. But no matter, we have some advice you can use to your advantage.