3 Tips For a Fun President’s Day Weekend Party

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President’s Day Weekend is right around the corner and no matter whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or don’t choose to identify with US politics, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with the long weekend with some patriotic vibes. Contact your local party rental Miami company and see if they can help you out with planning your President’s Day weekend party!

If most of the attendants at this party will be kids, you might be better off getting a bounce house rental Miami so the kids have fun. Nonetheless, here are a three tips for a fun president’s day weekend party.

Presidential Invites

One fun way to get your guests excited from the start is to send them quite the presidential invites. Whether it’s an e-card or a printed card, not only will they show that you’re really getting into the festivities, it will increase the chance that more people show up because they’ll see the effort that you’re displaying.

You can go with a pre-printed President’s Day card and write your own message, or design it graphically using Photoshop or some other graphic design software program. You can even include some sort of presidential pun such as “I elect you…to have fun at our awesome President’s Day Weekend party!”

Have Fun With The Theme

Next to the 4th of July, no other holiday gives you a great opportunity to show off your patriotic side better than President’s Day. And when we’re celebrating the good ol’ USA, you have to think in red, white, and blue!

A fun arrangement you can do when it comes to utensils is to include red plastic plates, white eating utensils like forks & knives, and blue napkins to complete the set! Not to mention, if you’re having some adult friends over and they want some alcoholic drinks, you can think of some fun drink ideas. You can make a giant collection of spiked punch and call it “The Presidential Punch” or “The 46th President of the United States”. Just an idea!

And every good party needs a good cake! There are so many options for a patriotic USA cake, but one of the most popular (and relatively easiest) options to choose from is the American flag. Simple, effective, and straight to the point. Another great option for sweets is a batch of freshly baked cookies, with red, white and blue frosting! Yum, just thinking about it is making our mouths water.

If you want the kids to get in on the fun, you can dress them up in presidential costumes. Whether it’s Abe Lincoln or George Washington, it’ll definitely make the kids more involved in the process! Of course, don’t permit anything too offensive that could cause trouble or controversy, you don’t want a good time ruined by a classless decision!

If the weather permits, throw a BBQ

Here in Miami, you know we’ve got all types of summer weather in the winter, but if you’re out somewhere more north & more cold and you have a day of sunshine, use the opportunity to throw a BBQ!

The essentials for a good BBQ is a solid grill with plenty of burgers and hot dogs (don’t forget veggie burgers for your vegetarian friends!) for everyone. Open it up for your guests to bring and grill their own meat and it’ll be a fun time.

Also, don’t forget about charcoal and lighter fluid. These things are sometimes forgotten about until it’s time to start grilling, and you realize… whoops! You forgot some of the most important parts to get the BBQ started.