5 Best Concession Machine Rentals to Lease for your Party

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Our affordable, fun food machines are awesome since these concession machine rentals help people throw a unique party that looks like a carnival!

These concession machines include cotton candy, hotdog, snow-cone, popcorn, nacho cheese machine. These items work best for parties or fundraiser that needs help from special types of food.

Remember, renting the concession machines makes more dollar sense than purchasing your own. You shouldn’t pay hundreds of dollars for a concession machine if you only use it for one event. So, which machine would you select for your gathering?

Our party planners Miami near me will display some excellent concession machine rentals you can rent for your parties and events:

Cotton Candy Machine

If there is one smell that will remind your guests of a carnival, it is the sweet smell of cotton candy! Both high and standard cotton candy machines are straightforward to use and entertaining to watch, as the sugar whirls around the cone!

While a standard machine will create only 1-2 servings per minute, more powerful machines can deliver more than 4 servings per minute, perfect for bigger occasions. Add a cart for simple portability and to complete the stylish carnival look of the machine.

Snowcone Machine Rentals

Summer in Miami is hot! You can ensure that a snow cone machine rental will lower the heat at your next party! The bigger machine works smoothly and quietly and can shave up to 500 lbs. of ice every hour – best for little and huge occasions! Always try to plan a cool treat for any outside occasion – ice cream, popsicles, or snow cones! A Snow Cone Machine can make a delicious snack or drink for an occasion for children and adults alike. Regardless if you plan a pool party, outside celebration, or fair, snow cones can go with your theme.

For an excellent snow cone variation, consider slicing fruits for visitors to add to their drinks—fruits like strawberries, watermelon, bananas, pineapple, or cherries. The truth, any fruit tastes incredible in a sweet frozen snow cone ice!

Popcorn machine rental

Why rent a popcorn machine for your party or event? Most party foods are boring, for instance, pizza, sandwiches, and chicken wings. Rather, lease a popcorn machine so your visitor could eat something different as well as delicious and fun.

The most awesome part, the popcorn machine requires only minutes to get ready and simple to operate. A popcorn machine goes well in any event. Nobody can deny the smell of tasty newly popped popcorn!

Hot Dog Steamer Rentals

You’ll feel like you ventured into the ballpark with the marvelous smell of steamed hot dogs at your gathering! The hot dog machines keep 90 sausages and 40 buns warm and prepared for your visitors to eat.

A hot dog machine is an incredible option compared to the home grill. Perfect for an occasion like graduation celebrations, where visitors eat all-through the day. It simply doesn’t get simpler than this!

Nacho Cheese Machine Rental

Lease a quality nacho cheddar machine for your next gathering. Nothing goes with nachos like melted cheese! Give your party the ballpark feel with the nacho cheese machine rental. This is an extraordinary concession machine for a patio birthday party or celebration that needs the help of delicious food.

Nicky Party Rentals

Truly, there are no rules while adding concession machine rentals to your party or event – you can figure out which machine best fits your theme. My recommendation is to pick a seasonal snow cone machine for summer and one that keeps you warm during winter, like a hot dog or melted nacho with cheese. Or rent them all from your local party rentals near me supplier for a fundraiser or event and have your guests making lines to taste them all!