7 Tips for an Awesome Party For Guests Between 21 and 40

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Party rentals Miami Companies busiest times are the last three months of the year especially December. From renting out venues to throwing a daytime party in a park or just doing it from your home. Our topic today won’t involve bounce house rentals in Miami.

I will help you make a home party and make it bad ass!

To begin with, I’m an experience party goer, I’ve been clubbing and partying since I was 16 with a fake I.D, so you might consider me kind of an expert at it. I don’t have time to party as much as before since I’ve been really hustling the past year trying to build up our Miami marketing agency with my small but exceptional team. But this is not about my company this is about partying, so let’s not waste more of your time. I remember the house parties from the early 90’s mostly young adults between the ages of 16 to 24. Back in the days, all you really needed was boozes hot girls a good DJ, and you were all set. Times have changed a little and to make a good house party for people between the ages of 21 to 40 you might need to add some extra things. And yes 40-year-olds are considered hip and young in my eyes.

Enough Space for a house party is a must!

The last thing you want is 30 people cramp up in a tiny apartment, and that’s why I said house party, invite accordingly. Now if you have a small house make sure you use your backyard wisely. Now if you don’t have a yard or is not big at all use your front yard. See the last thing people want is to cramp-in a 2 bedroom house. Especially at the start of the party where there is a lot of awkwardness. The backyard should give the opportunity to get fresh air and renting a dance floor should be included as a must. You don’t want your guest stepping on your dog’s poop or breaking an ankle because you have holes in the yard or it’s just on even.

Rent a DJ or DIY?

I read articles suggesting that you don’t even need music for a wedding or a party, now that’s just plain boring. The crowd will be out the door within the first 20 minutes or less if you decide to go without music altogether! So now that we agree that you do need music for your party, should you do it yourself or hire a DJ. Well, this depends on a few things like cost, quality of the DJ and how good you are with playing to a crowd. Not only that do you really want to have fun at your own party, or you don’t mind being your own DJ?

Hiring isn’t always going to go smoothly by the way. Most basic DJ packages go for $350 to $500, that’s the low end. These simple packages usually bring 4 Hours of deejaying and an illuminated booth that’s pretty basic. But if the DJ is impressive then it will be worth it.

My advice if you are going to hire one is go online and look at the reviews.

When you hear things like “he was attentive before we gave the deposit, then basically disappear after we paid” stay away! Go with a DJ who at least avg. 4.5 stars on Google, Facebook, weddingwire and Yelp and also has over 20 reviews. Find out what the package brings and see if you can get anything extra like lighting, it doesn’t hurt to ask. The playlist is essential, some are better at different genres so do your research on that topic.

You decided that you want to try it on your own, I’m cool with that.

If you are doing it yourself and let’s face it when being single deejaying can get you hook up with women, that’s why at some point in most young man’s life growing up some of us tried to use a turntable. Yeah, I just threw that out there randomly, that’s how I write something comes in my head, and I write it. But one thing I can assure you now in 2017 is that being a DJ doesn’t require too much like in the 90’s. Remember the mixers, turntables an audio interface, a cool headset and a bunch of records in boxes you had to bring to the party to make it lit? No need for that anymore.

New DJ tools anyone can use.

All that is gone now, with tools and apps like Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes just to name a few you got the music world in your hands. Some are free, and some have a premium monthly fee and 7 to 30-day trails just to see if you want them or not, so there is no excuse. You will need a computer or an IPad, but most of us have that so I shouldn’t even bring that up. I do suggest you practice about a week with the apps so you can find the cool features and you will love some of them.

So, now that I saved you $450 (!), Nicky Party Rentals offers a DJ service by the way. But when I write for you guys, I’m not going to be biased just because we provide the service. This is about giving you the best advice for your house party for the younger crowd you are expecting on your Christmas, New Year’s or birthday party. One last thing call your favorite party rental, wink, wink and ask to rent some cool lighting, laser effects, disco balls anything to make the night seem beautiful. You can find some good lighting under $99 if you shop around.

The infamous playlist

My next Advice, try to find out what type of music your guest are into so you can create a playlist. This advice covers ages between 20-year-olds and 40-year-olds, and we know your aunt might not be into Mumble rap but might be into some 90’s rap like Biggie, Missy Elliott and other party starters of that era.

What about the ones that don’t like hip-hop?

That is where a little research goes a long way, now your crowd. Some are going to be into rock like Metallica, Guns and Roses, and even Pink Floyd also, don’t forget Madonna. While others like Salsa, Merengue and Reggaeton a must if you have some Spanish guests. Other older friends might be into freestyle from the 80’s and 90’s especially in Miami and New York. So rotate evenly for the first hour and see the reaction from the crowd. If some types of songs are getting more people on the dance floor or bobbing their heads more than playing more of does styles. While still playing the rest, so no one is left out. One last advice whatever you play make sure is upbeat, you can’t compare Rhianna’s Work ft. Drake that’s upbeat to James Arthur – Naked Lyrics boring break up song at a party. Don’t put people to sleep!

Invite enough women to your party, yes that’s the reason clubs let girls in, to 1 guy at clubs in Miami Beach.

If you are inviting single dudes, you need to bring in more women. Also, this doesn’t apply if most of your guest are couples than this tip doesn’t apply. Trust me there is no better party than when there are beautiful women around to spark up conversations.

Alcohol Drinks are necessary for any fun house party.

Beer is a must, and good hard liquor like tequila and rum have to be there for this type of crowd. But please make sure you keep an eye on the ones drinking too much, don’t let them drive and order an Uber for them. Also keep your eyes on underage teens that might want to sneak in a drink, remember they are your responsibility while they are at your home.

Parking space around your house.

I hope you get along with at least 4 of your neighbors and ask them beforehand to please let you use some of their parking space, inviting them will usually do the trick. Give them at least a weeks’ notice and find a way to thank them.

I hope my tips can help you save money while still making the party a success!