9 Tips on How To Keep Your Dance Floor Packed All Night Long During a Wedding

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Miami Party Rentals near me enjoy watching people dance because it gives the notion that the guests are having fun laughing and dancing. However, there’s a wedding nightmare you may not think about until it is too late: an empty dance floor rental.

You have reserved the band or DJ, intend to play your playlist made for this occasion but why is the dancing floor empty? You do not want to force individuals to dance nevertheless, guests look uninterested.

By following Nicky Party Rental advice, you will know how to manage the dancing problem. Your visitors will find their way to the dance floor and bring others too! Listed below are eight approaches to making sure you have a packed and have a packed dance floor the whole night.

Considerations when selecting the ideal dance floor

Sometimes outdoor wedding areas don’t have good footing so you’ll need to rent a dance floor. No matter how elaborate the ground may be, it serves a practical purpose in the long run. So when leasing a dancing floor, you need to consider factors such as the location size and the number of guests you are expecting. Understanding the answers to these things would allow you to select how large the flooring you’ll need.

Usually, dance flooring comes in sections, so you have to be familiar with the size of the place (area of dancing) before you get the right number of segments to accommodate your visitors. A dance floor using a measurement of 15×15 is perfect for about a hundred guests but first, remember an essential rule before leasing a dancing floor. Ordinarily, about fifty percent of your visitors will dance at one time and were pushing a little. So, you don’t want to buy a large dance floor when a smaller one will be sufficient.

Establish the mood early

Cocktail hour is a grand time to have the party moving. Look at hiring entertainment such as a mariachi band, jazz, bluegrass band, or a single guitarist will energize the audience post-ceremony and get everybody in the mood to celebrate.

Change to romance, classic, to retro when choosing specialty songs. I know the bride will have fun remembering why she fell in love and dancing with the groom while people follow her. The most significant idea is to make sure your guests are not bored and drinking silently.

Set the best dancers close to the dance floor

Seat family and friends who like to dance near the dance floor as there are more inclined to get up and begin moving towards the floorboards. And as soon as they’re on the dance floor, others will follow since some need a little push. However, when you have older guests, do them a favor and keep them away from the speakers.

Keep your music decibel levels respectable as you would like your family and friends out there dancing, but you want your non-dancing visitors to have the ability to enjoy themselves without having to shout. Speak with your musicians on how they intend to deal with the sound decibel quality inside your reception area.

Create Music Interactive

Let guests have fun by letting them request songs through the RSVP card. Also, you could ask on your wedding site and ask your guest to vote on your first dance tune and the last song of the day. You will have everyone anticipating the choices of the songs like American Idol. But give the answers individuality one at the beginning of the show and the last one at the end of the event!

Leave behind the iPod Idea and do not limit the genre

Do you have the best music playlist on your iPod? Well, it doesn’t matter since DJs and bands bring professionalism to the table. They are experts at studying and interacting with the audience and adapting to their disposition throughout the whole day. They are there to guarantee everybody is dancing and having a wonderful time. Besides, you do not want a drunk friend or relative getting up to the mic to announce cake time or bouquets toss and maybe singing a song right?

Now, even though you genuinely love Death Metal rock or even British Invasion, there are many of your guests that likely have not heard of Entombed or The Tremeloes and will not enjoy it as you would. A playlist entirely composed of’80s dance music, country or rap is the same thing. I mean, playing your favorite songs is ok, but it’s important to mix them well.

Make a Do-Not-Play List

A big dance floor turnoff is hearing your least wedding favorite tune, “(Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye”). So, gather a brief collection of’ please-don’t-play tunes and take it to your DJ or band to prevent headaches. However, don’t interfere as you’ll make the DJ nervous and mistakes happen when people have pressure so don’t meddle too much. All DJs only need to understand which genres you prefer and dislike; then they’ll make the perfect method to combine the songs.

Keep things exhilarating

Surprise your visitors with something sudden like presenting live entertainers, such as break dancers, singers, or even a magician act made with choreographed music. It will relax your guest so they could get their energy and get back to the dance floor from the food coma.


The truth, the most exciting weddings are those where the newlyweds are having fun. Seeing the bride sitting casually can send the wrong message to your guest or a severe-looking groom can make people think they’re in a fight. So, the bride set a good example for everybody by getting down to the dance floor and sweating a little.

Your visitors will see and be more inclined to meet you if they see just how much fun you are having. Your reception is going to be a long, active day, so let your friends know how important it’s for you that your visitors dance. So ask them to direct the motion to the floor and bring others with them.