Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Tent

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Truthfully, purchasing the ideal wedding tent from a tent rental Miami provider is no one’s idea of an enjoyable day. However, it needs to be accomplished and has to get done. You likely need to think about some essential questions before buying one.

Question for example, should I rent or buy a tent for my occasion? Does the canopy setup come with the purchase?

These are smart questions you will ask yourself. Usually, customers who are hosting only one party will want to rent the canopy but others business smart clients will buy and keep it for a rainy day or lease it themselves to their friends. None of the options are wrong as it’s a personal preference.

So, Party Rentals Miami experts will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying a tent.

Advantages of buying a tent

  • Unlike rentals and used tents, where the caliber of your tent depends upon the source or business, with brand-new wedding tents you are confident it is new and of the highest quality, right from the maker. You do not need to second guess whether your canvas is excellent because it’s fresh out of the box.
  • Furthermore, being the first proprietor of the wedding tent has its benefits too as you receive the warranties attached to it. For example, insurance against any flaws you may encounter. Warranties ensure that any imperfections which aren’t your fault would be the producer’s responsibility and you’ll have compensation for the damages. Many businesses replace faulty tents or return the money if you return it without replacing it. Usually, you cannot warrant used tents or leased ones.
  • Usually, a bride that wants the perfect wedding and doesn’t care much about the cost then she should buy a tent with no decor as it’s an excellent idea. You can do whatever you want with it, and you could decorate it to your heart’s content.
  • There’s no need to come back and return the wedding tent following your wedding day since it’s yours. You could use it for different occasions, such as birthday parties and anniversaries. You could reminisce or relive your special day by re-using the canopy again during your ten year anniversary
  • It’s possible to make a nice profit from owing wedding tent. Some individuals sell it following the event, and that can be fine, but you won’t produce any earnings. What if you rent out your canopy to other friends and family members? You could rent out it in a bundle, complete with decorations and lights that you used in your wedding day. Well, as long as they’re in good condition.
  • With leased and used tents, your choices are limited. You may only choose from what is available. Typically, your selection depends on the number of vendors and rental businesses in your town. With brand-new wedding tents, you’ve got more options. You could start looking for shops locally or go online.
  • It is safer to search for brand-new tents on the internet compared to used canopies. When someone is reselling their tents after using them, you don’t know if it has imperfections and you certainly know there are no warranties. With brand-new tents, you could order online and purchase your tent right from the source. The trade is much more secure; you are protected in the event the wedding tent has some deficiencies and has more features available to you.
  • You don’t have to worry about other people not doing their jobs such as the tent supplier not showing up or coming late. You do not need to fret about things like that as you have your canopy ready to go at any time.

Disadvantages of buying a tent

  • How much does a tent for weddings cost? Honestly, a great deal. Purchasing a brand-new canopy is more expensive than renting or buying a used one.
  • You need to decorate and add more services to a wedding on your own. With leasing businesses, the supplier will look after everything tent related, such as music, lights, setup, breakdown, and, portable dance floors. If you purchase your tent, then you need to look for additional party essentials on your own and make sure it works and matches.
  • You have to do your calculations on the proper size and quantity of tents that you’re going to need for your occasion.
  • Brand-new tents require time and effort to install. Rental businesses can convey, assemble and, take apart the canopy for you for an extra cost. However, when using your tent, then you’ll need to look for the workforce on your own. Hiring professionals mean more costs while asking your family and friends for help may signify a less-than-perfect installation.


So you have all this info now, and the tent buying procedure shouldn’t appear as daunting as at the beginning. Whether it is for personal or company use, a party tent is a significant investment. So now you can buy the right new canopy for the party that you desire.