Are You Ready For Your Wedding Dress

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Party rental Miami loves weddings! What is not to like about them? You can breathe the romantic ambiance in the air, from the idyllic decoration, the tender love songs to the beautiful wedding dress and the happy faces of bride and groom walking down the aisle.

Weddings are beautiful, that is undeniable, but we all know how expensive a wedding reception can be, according to statistics, an average wedding cost can be around $25,700 in America. That can break the soon to be wed hearts’, especially when compromising traditional wedding costumes, like the bridal dress.

Every bride wants to wear the most beautiful and perfect cut dress, and that can represent a significant sum amount of money. Today, Party rentals Miami brings you a suitable option to wear that dream dress without spending a ridiculous amount of money on it.

Rent a wedding dress!

The perfect wedding dress for you is not so out of your league. It is true that we all want to get that ideal bridal dress, use it for one night and keep it in the closet as a beautiful memory of the gown we got be wed in.

Compromising on your wedding dress may not seem such a terrible thing after looking at all the attractive reasons on why you should rent one.

Save money

Saving money is the major pro that renting a wedding dress has! It is excruciating to realize that the wedding dress you have been dreaming of since you got engaged costs the same as a car down payment. But hey, don’t get blue, you can still wear that lovely dress you want, you only need to get a little creative.

That’s what bridal rental dresses are for, in fact, you can save 30% or up to 40% of your wedding budget if you make your mind to rent a wedding dress. The prices for the rental may differ depending on the dress you chose, and these may go from 100 or less to 1000 or more if it’s a designer dress, but even so, you will spend less than buying one.

No need to worry about storage

A wedding dress is made to be worn once, but most brides keep their wedding outfits, and they struggle with storage space and even with the maintenance of the dress, which had led some brides to decide on selling their dresses for much less than the original price. Breaking your brains over finding a place to store your gown after the ceremony is no longer a problem when you rent a wedding dress.

Wedding gowns occupy much closet space that you can use to store everyday garments. By renting one, you will only need to worry about taking it to the rental store.

Also, since bridal dresses are made of delicate fabric, giving maintenance will require you to take it to a dry cleaning at least once a year. Otherwise, it will get damaged. Keeping a bridal gown stored will represent an additional expense that you may not be prepared for.

Designer options

Wearing that designer dress that you dreamed of since a little girl, but you can’t afford it is not such a fairy tale. By going to a bridal dress rental, you just may be able to put on that wedding gown but your high-end designer

Wedding accessories rental

On top of getting the dreamed dress, you can also rent the wedding accessories; you can glow on beautiful jewelry pieces, take the veil, shoes, a headpiece and much more and look pretty tip top for a day and then just return them after the wedding.


If you are planning to have your wedding in another country or State, renting a dress can be convenient for you, as you don’t need to worry about packing it and keeping it safe and wrinkle-free.