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Perhaps you’re not much of a party person (or haven’t been to one in a while) and you’re trying to branch out. You’re attending a party you’ve been invited to by a good friend but don’t know how you should behave, what you should bring or whether you can bring another friend. The whole thing can be nerve wracking! Well, while you might think that a party rental company in Miami is just in charge of helping you set up the party, we also know a thing or two about party etiquette.

Party etiquette is loosely defined as expected behavior or manners that should be exhibited at a party. We’ve been on the party rental Miami scene for quite some time and this is something we’ve always discussed with our to-be party hosts…about what type of party they want to throw and how they want their friends to act. Here, we provide some basic tips for good party etiquette.

Determine What Type of Party It Is and Dress/Act Accordingly

The old saying goes “it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed” but let’s be real, it’s best to be properly dressed. One of the common mistakes of an inexperienced partygoer is to misgauge whether a party is formal or casual.

With a formal party, there is a dress code that must be adhered to (usually with dress shoes, no jeans, no shorts, etc.) and more toned down and classy behavior is expected. Typically, for men, a good look is to go clean shaven, as it shows that you’re taking the event more seriously.

As for a casual party, you should still look to dress to impress but the dress code is a lot more relaxed. Expect conversation in a casual party to be more colloquial and down to earth as well, as people are usually more loose when dressed in more comfortable clothes.

Always Bring Something

No matter what type of party it is, it’s always very courteous for you, as a guest, to bring something to the party. A bottle of wine or a 6-pack of beer is always a classic depending on if it’s the party that allows for alcoholic beverages. If you don’t have a lot of money, or are running late and don’t have time to get something a bit more nuanced, even a bag of chips will show that you thought of the host and the party.

As for gifts, it really depends on your relationship with the host and their expectations. Some hosts will require gifts, whether it’s for themselves or for their partner/children, while others it’s optional. Again, gauge how close you are to the person and determine whether a gift is appropriate given the occasion.


This part can be hard for introverted people but it’s really important for you to socialize and greet people at the party. Not only will it make you feel more comfortable after you’ve done so, you’ll probably make other party attendants feel more relaxed after engaging in a conversation.

First and foremost, always greet the host first and thank them for inviting you. And while it’s great to link up with your friends at the party, you should challenge yourself to make conversation with someone you may not know that well or not know at all. Making new friends is what parties are all about!

Here are some icebreakers in case you get stuck:

  • Where are you from?
  • I love your shirt, where did you get it from?
  • How do you know (the party host)?
  • Where do you work? How long have you been working there?
  • Where did you go to school?

If you feel a bit nervous still, have a beer or cocktail to calm you down a bit. But…

If you’re drinking, don’t go overboard

Nothing turns a party more sour than someone who is drinking way too much. It’s okay to drink a bit but if you’re the type of person to get rude, loud, and/or obnoxious after quite a few drinks, then it’s important to know to limit yourself before you make anyone feel uncomfortable. You can still have a fun time without drinking too much.

Make sure to mix in some water in between drinks and eat something if possible. This will prevent you from getting drunk faster and might prevent a hangover in the morning.