Chairs Rentals Miami

Organizing a party is easier said than done. The purpose of every party is to bond people by celebrating an achievement or special occasion. This is why every party should have everything in place and ensure the guests’ comfort without worrying about the environment.

Chair Rentals Miami

Now that the pandemic is slowly over, people feel safer throwing parties since statistics show that party rental businesses are starting to grow again. One essential element of every great party is the chairs.

Chair rentals are available at Nicky’s Party Rental in Miami, South Florida, Broward County, and West Palm Beach. We provide a wide selection of chairs so you can pick the appropriate ones for your event. To discover more about our chair rentals, bouncy houses, and party rentals, call (786) 315-0400 now.

We rent out several chair types, including rustic cross-back chairs, Chiavari chairs, numerous kinds of party rental items, and a selection of folding chairs. With many types of chairs available, we have the perfect set of chairs to meet any budget, with chair models ranging from low-cost to high-end elegant acrylic chairs. 

Benefits of a Chair Rental

Save money

Hosting a party may quickly become costly, especially if you anticipate a large number of guests. Food, refreshments, entertainment, and other expenses must be provided, and these prices can quickly mount up. 

You will save money by opting for chair rentals rather than purchasing new chairs that you may never use again. Because chair rentals are inexpensive, you can keep to your budget and maybe even have some money left over for splurges.

Save time

Throwing a party takes a significant amount of effort, both in terms of setup and cleanup. Many party rental businesses can bring and set up the things you’ve ordered to your location, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your event and not on party rental needs. You may even have the rentals picked up after the party, which will relieve you of even more tension.

Types of Chairs 

Everyone knows that you cannot use folding chairs at a wedding. For this reason, our chair rentals in Miami come in different models so that you can choose what type of chair fits your event.

Chiavari Chairs 

Chiavari chairs are lightweight chairs with characteristic bamboo-like joints carved into the frame. This timeless style has come to represent elegance, refinement, and sophistication. 

This type of chair is the optimal choice for more elegant events. It is a popular demand throughout chair rentals in Miami for their stylish design and exceptionally light and stackable quality, making it easy to handle, transport, and store.

Price: $5.00 

Price for Chiavari barstools: $13.00 

Folding Chairs 

At Nicky’s Party Rentals, we stock and supply a wide range of stacking chairs in various colors and styles, offering you a wide choice. 

Their lightweight nature makes it easy for staff to move from place to place, especially at the end of the day when it comes to doing a deep clean.

Price for plastic folding chairs: $1.50 

Price for wooden chairs: $3.00

Wooden Crossback Chairs

Cross-back dining chairs are noted for their sturdy structure and weathered details, complementing rustic farmhouse décor beautifully. They have an x-back, curved legs, and a woven rattan seat for a natural look. The seat provides additional comfort and beautiful contrast to the wood.

Price: $6.99 

Why Nicky’s Party Rentals in Miami?

At Nicky’s Party Rental, we look after our customers and ensure they have all their party rental needs met for any upcoming event. Apart from supplying our consumers with one of the best chair rentals in Miami, we take pleasure in our timeliness and cleanliness.

To locate the best Miami party rental discounts for any occasion, call our office at (786)-315-0400. Through our collaboration, you and your family will throw one of the most fantastic and unforgettable celebrations in South Florida.