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Yesterday, a cheap children’s birthday party included balloons, decorations, a small cake, balloons, even a clown, and pin the tail on the donkey game. However, today expect to see a large bounce house for rent, a character impersonator, a mobile laser tag, and yes, even a video game on wheels.

Today, birthday celebrations have become a perfect time to one-up another party host with Pinterest pictures and an Instagram feed. Better believe it, it’s safe to say things have turned a little crazy.

When you’re attempting to plan a child’s birthday celebration on a tight budget, it’s not difficult to feel overwhelmed to get it right. It can often go from an extravagant princess party to having the world’s lamest cake and hat party. Don’t worry; our Miami Party Rentals in Kendall have top hints to help you toss a cheap children’s birthday party without going broke!

 Keep a Small Guest List

There’s no written guideline saying you need to welcome your child’s entire class, soccer team, and 50 friends to the birthday celebration. It’s ok, yet not practical.

Limit your guest list to under 10 or 15 children. Remember, you’ll probably have parents staying as well, which can affect your food and cake budget.

Pick a Party Theme you Already used Before

Throwing a fun birthday celebration means allowing your children to choose a theme and watching it work out. However, just because your boy wants a different theme party doesn’t mean you need to purchase all the specialty stores’ official gear.

Here’s a cheap children’s birthday party pro tip: Try to encourage your child to pick a birthday party theme that uses things you already used before. If your kid loves Batman, then you probably have plenty of things already on hand to use as decorations. So, shop at your house first before you head out to the store.

Host the Party at your Home

There’s nothing wrong with hosting a birthday celebration in your living room, patio, or someplace that doesn’t require payment. The truth, if you want to save some money, use your home. Why spend $300 for 2-4 hours at the children’s recreation center when you can set up a party on your own patio.

Cost comparison:

  • Facilitating a birthday party at home or patio: $0 or priceless!
  • Leasing a space or children recreation center: $100–300 (cost depends on the place, space, and venues party packages)

Don’t make the Party during Meal Times

When the party begins at 5 p.m., get ready to feed people, the same goes for lunchtime. If you welcome guests during the times there accustomed to eating, they will anticipate a lot of food. However, you can cover this by giving them finger foods and choosing hours when nobody expects to eat, like 10:00 a.m. or after 3:00 p.m.

Regardless of the time, give your visitors a few snacks to nibble on to get them full. If you don’t want to serve full-course meals, then at least serve snacks. Remember, you’re on a budget, but not a grouch. And, a room with hungry kids is never a bright idea.

Make or Design your own Party Cake

If you’re a regular Gordon Ramsay, you can make your own cake without any preparation and décor it with layers of fondant—yeah!

Yet, don’t go nuts if your child wants a themed cake. I understand children want to see Batman or a Disney princess floating across that fluffy, sweet buttercream icing?

Instead, kindly get a generic cake at the supermarket as they’re less expensive than custom cakes and slap one of your child’s favorite figure on the cake.

Cost comparison:

  • Boxed cake mixed and icing: $1–5
  • Birthday sheet cake from $12–35 (cost can change by location and cake size)
  • Custom bakery birthday cake: $60–150 (cost depends on cake size, tiers, design, and cake maker)

Rent a Birthday Party Rental Package

Nicky offers party hosts the best Miami party rental packages for a low cost compared to other suppliers. Imagine having to buy linens, tableware, and chairs for just one party.

Don’t worry, we have a party package that suits any budget that includes tables and chair rentals, a tent, and yes, even a Batman bounce house to meet your child’s theme party.

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