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Picking out a theme and decorations for your party can be challenging. You want something that reflects your tastes but also goes along with the event. In addition to picking out decorations for your party, you will also be expected to make a guest list, send out your invitations, and figure out what kind of food you will serve. If you are having a dinner party, you will also have to figure out where everyone will sit.

Pink party decorations

Why not let Nicky Party Rental take care of your party decorations for you? We have over a decade of experience in party planning and equipment rental. We can rent you flawless and unique party decorations for your next event.  

Tables And Chairs

There is nothing worse than throwing a party and not having enough seating for everyone. If you are throwing a party at home or your office, you are unlikely to have as many chairs and tables as you will need. If you rent a hall and have last-minute guests, we will ensure you do not have an embarrassing problem by providing enough seating for everyone. 

General Party Decorations

No party would be complete without balloons, and special balloon arrangements will make your decor look even more festive. We can create balloon arches or balloon flowers. If it is a children’s party, we can provide balloons for kids with images of their favorite characters on them. We can also provide streamers in a wide variety of colors. If you are having a casual picnic, kid’s party, or outdoor event, we can provide utensils, plates, and napkins in the color of your choice. 

Red Carpets

If you want to turn up the volume on an office party or independent film premier, we can provide a red carpet. Your guests will feel like celebrities when they walk into your party. Even indoor office parties will feel glamorous when there is a red carpet at the door. 

LED Bars

If you want your wedding to be a gala affair, our event rentals offer LED bars. Your guest will know where to find the cocktails when you have one of these colorful and alluring bars at your event. 

Tent Light Balls

If you are having an event at night in a tent, you will have to make sure you can see each other. Tent ball lights look great and provide plenty of light.


A backdrop is a simple way to decorate for a party. We have many different backdrops to choose from, and there is certain to be one that is right for your party, wedding, or event.

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We can always customize certain decorations for you. Give us a call, we can take care of all your party rental needs.