The Difference Between a Party Planner and a Party Rental Equipment Company

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Party planners and party rental Miami companies are essential when wanting to throw a major event if you are inexperienced or don’t feel like taking care of it, and you got extra cash in your pocket. They both work together when setting up all the details of a party.

Event planners have to make a ton of important decisions when planning a new event. They help by choosing the event venue, creating the food menu, choosing the catering. Besides all these things, they also help with the decoration, including choosing the flowers, the lighting, the tables, the tablecloths, the chinaware, the sound system, and much more restricted by a budget. This is a tremendous task for sure!

A party equipment rental company handles other tasks that are similar but not quite the same!

An outdoor party equipment rental company works with the event planner and provides equipment and various decoration items that often go by themes. They offer, deliver, and set up the equipment rented by either the client or the event planner to the specified venue.

Some party equipment rentals also offer package deals where they include the party planner services at the same price. It is no surprise to have this special offer as these two work together to create dashing events.

Important differences between both party services.

Mostly, one of the most important differences between an event planner and a party equipment rental company is that the event planner is an independent contractor that is to make all the decisions, as the party equipment rental company is the one that provides the supplies when contacted by the party planner or the client. Often, rather than sometimes, party equipment rentals may include the party planner services along with other services such as food caters, lightning, sound system, DJ equipment services, and more.

Here we will provide a broader list of tasks for each of them, so you can judge for yourself and make your selection.

Tasks of a party planner:

Event and party planners oversee all the components of a party, the list of people attending, the location, the budget, food and beverage, the decor, layout, facilities, and equipment.


Event planners search for the perfect venue according to their client’s needs. Getting to know the client is significant because party planners can make more conscious choices in venues and decor.

The budget!

An experienced party planner knows how to handle the budget because they have been around in the business for so long they know the best offers, places, and how to bargain for better deals. Even though they have this set of skills, handling a budget is hard because most customers will have specific requirements that sometimes will be impossible to meet because they are rocket sky-high. Something that may help them get those customers’ demands is they get better deals since they are recurrent and VIP customers.

Food and Beverage

After interviewing their clients and learning likes, dislikes, and allergies, a great party planner could use their experience and good taste to find the perfect cater from their huge list of contacts and create a menu that fits all tastes yet keeps the elegance and glamour of the event. These experts can also find you the best food machine rentals, so the guests have many options.

Décor of party

Party planners know best how you choose and decorate your venue space. As they have a wealth of experience, they will convey your event’s theme and tone to your audience. To have amazing decor, you’ll need to find highly regarded, trustworthy people and really understand everything you are trying to convey with this event.

Layout of event

In addition to the decor, the layout is another area of expertise of a party planner. Event planners focus on space layout, seating and table arrangements, and signage. Not having good taste can really make or break your event, especially when it comes to how people will flow through space. This is the area where party event rentals take charge, as besides providing the chair rentals near me, they also deliver and arrange the space.

Facilities and equipment

Stemming from the budget discussion, event planners don’t need to do much in this area but to contact a party rental and make a list of all different equipment needs.

However, when it comes to equipment and facilities, this is the job of a party rental company. They are the experts in arranging the equipment, such as tables, chairs, visual or audio equipment, electrical supplies, lighting, stages, tents, etc.

Now you know the main differences and points in common of both a party planner and a party rental company. Now is your decision to make, whether you hire an event planner or go with the party rental company. It all depends on your expertise, time, and budget.