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Nicky Party Rental Has A New Youtube Channel

Published on:

nicky party rental youtube channel

With the rise of social media programs such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, it should be a no-brainer that Nicky Party Rental should use these and other platforms. Our party rentals Miami FloridaBusiness has made its growth through word of mouth; we haven’t depended on Google or social media too much. 

As you can look at the image below, our traffic was non-existent. We had to make changes because poor and mediocre companies were ranking on the first page of Google for keywords like bounce house rental Miami.

The way business works in the party rental business has changed!

traffic results

We recognize that if we don’t evolve, we can end up like the dinosaurs extinct, so we had to develop a plan. We contacted a few SEO Miami agencies, and we struggle with a couple that couldn’t deliver much. But then we found a great small agency by the name of “Web Traffic Strategist,” and they helped us a lot, as you can see the screenshot results. Anyways search engines are getting stricter for who ranks on the first page, and so we created a new YouTube channel for videos to attract new clients.

We will use social media more to keep you updated on events we work on.

more connection

We want to show you the quality of service we offer not just on our blog but videos and more images. You can see our first videos on YouTube, one from an event at the Good Shepherd Church in Kendall. This event was big; it had the whole neighborhood attending the church. They had over 15 different cuisines from around the world. We delivered an obstacle course, toddler pirate ship, bounce house, inflatable slides, and much more! We work with big churches, businesses, and just big events that trust us to deliver clean equipment.

They expect us on time and at an affordable price, but without losing the quality of service. We uploaded another explainer video on navigating our website to get to the bounce houses for rent. This video will show you how easy to find the perfect bouncer!

What else can you expect from our social media in the coming months?

nicky party rental social media

We will post our major events, including sweet sixteen, quinces, baby showers, corporate events, birthdays, and everything in between that our clients allow us to post. We don’t want to tell you how good we are; we want to show you high-quality videos and images! Expect our Twitter this month and our Instagram to increase with more posting. We have our Facebook running in full swing with a 4.9-star rating out of 5 stars and 1,744 people liking our page!

Our main strategy is the word of mouth of our party services.

Social media and Google are significant, but without high-quality equipment and services, all of that goes out the window. How we treat our clients from the initial call to the first meeting and throughout the process before their important event is what separates us from the rest. So if you are looking for a great party rental this holiday season, look no further than Kendall Best Party Rental, Nicky!