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Economical Party Ideas

Published on:

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We all enjoy throwing a party once in a while. What is not to like? Food, drinks, music, people, party decorations... but one thing for sure is not fun about parties... having a tight budget. Spending a lot of money on party rentals may seem a requirement for some people. It is a matter of logic the more budget, the more and the better party supplies you can get.

It's obvious that a millionaire can throw a lavishing party, but what if you don't have such budget? You don't need an impressive bank account to throw a nice event.

Today, I will share some of the cheapest party ideas with you that will allow you throw an awesome party with minimum budget.

What to do first? The first thing you need to do is organizing yourself.

It's all about organization. Create a list of the things you are planning your party and that you feel they are a must for you!

Here are important things to think of when throwing a party:

  • Party Venue
  • Invitations
  • Party Decorations
  • Food Items
  • Drinks
  • Kid’s Party Rentals
  • Guest List
  • Music System and Lightning

Free Venues for your Party

The first thing you need to think of before making plans for a party is the place! Most places for rent are expensive these days this might be the most expensive item in your party wish list. If you are planning on having your party on a low budget, here you can find good ideas for free, safe and awesome venues:

In the wild and nature: You can always throw a party near nature, close to the river side, in a park, in the valley or at the beach. You choose what type of fun you would like to have. The only thing you need to keep in mind is your safety, if you were not part of the boy scouts when you were younger, it's important that you prepare a safety kit just in case of an emergency, remember you will be out in the wild. Once you have that, get ready to party and build amazing memories for very less money.

A house party: This one is common, but it never gets old. This is the best thing you can do to avoid booking a venue. You only need to watch out your furniture and house items, you don't want your things to get broken or damaged over on a night of partying.

Economical Party Rental decor!

This one is my favorite! For some people, like me, decoration takes a big part when throwing a party. The decor can be expensive, the china ware, the silverware, the furniture... oh no!

Guess what? There is no reason stress out about! Instead of stressing out over China plates, just mix and match different designs of plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery. This will give a nice fashion effect and save you money!

If you have a couple more bucks, you can always get in touch with a party rental supply company, and they can supply you with china plates too.

What about the decor? Well, if you are a DIY person, you can save some bucks and also have fun while doing it. Skip the pricey fresh-cut flowers and create your own centerpieces. Just pick the theme for the party and get your hands on if you are a skilled full person you can forget about natural flowers and design your own paper colorful flowers to put inside the cups. Recycling can be your best friend. Instead of buying fancy containers for centerpieces you can be creative and the same time conscious, collect a few milk bottles or wine bottles and you can paint them with oil paint you can find at any supermarket. The materials you need are simple and you can find them at a dollar store. All you need are cups and some material to fill them, it could be colored rocks or even colored cotton. Buy cartoon paper and toothpicks and create your own themed posters. If you use your creativity, you can create nice centerpieces for less than 10 dollars!

Food items, drinks, and the famous guest list:

If you are counting on a pretty tight budget, it is a good idea that you keep a short guest list, that way you will also reduce the cost for food and drinks! Forget about fancy main courses and throw some nice economic appetizers like Soup shooters, meat skewers, and dips, but remember, don't compromise flavor. Alcohol can be a major budget booster, so I advise you to get two types of drinks, maybe buying some cheap wine and prepare sangria or any cocktail drink, just remember to include none alcoholic drinks for designated drivers and people who don't drink alcohol.