Five Types of Linen That Can Help Style Your Event

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Published on: Party Rentals Miami help match the linens color schemes and decoration styling of your party. When you’re considering the look of your gathering, picking the right napkins, seat covers and tablecloths that match the colors of the wedding theme is critical to influencing the stylishness.

Regardless of whether you’re pairing or not; there’s another essential factor you need to know. For instance, the right type of linen. For something rich and luxurious, you’ll go with high-quality satin tablecloth but if it’s a regular party you can use plastic. Well simple, umm not that simple as there are many types to choose.

Pick the right linen

Picking the ideal tablecloth for your occasion includes measuring a lot of factors. It incorporates perspectives like the reason for the event, quality, cost, and appearance. At the end of the day, while a shabby plastic tablecloth gets the job done for one-time use at a family outing, it would not go well for a wedding or a gala.

If you want to lease or you’re hoping to purchase linen, you will need these Miami Party Rental basic tips to help you pick the right tablecloth from the many that exist.


Made for occasions where people need a necessary cover and don’t care of how good the table looks. Plastic tablecloths are best for events like youngsters’ birthday parties and, family get-together, and BBQs. There made of thin plastic sheets that come in numerous colors and styles.

All party rentals businesses sell them as their inexpensive but offer little class, and it’s hard to reuse again. So host will use it one time and then dispose of them since they quickly torn and the color discolors.


Linen tablecloths are produced using the fibers of the flax plant, and these tablecloths have a rich history. Wealthy families of the medieval period use linens for many years. White was routine back then, and however, now material comes made from an assortment of colors.

Now the tablecloths exist as fine linen since it’s inexpensive and a splendid choice for family dinner parties and events. Because of the exquisite, smooth, and fresh qualities of material have become very popular. Also, invulnerable to stains and more robust than cotton makes it a perfect candidate to get handed on for many more years.


Regularly employed as a part of clothing because of its quick to manufacture and maintenance. So it’s perfect for linen productivity since it’s cheap. There efficiently use at a wedding. Amongst the most adaptable tablecloths as far as conceivable colors and styles. Also, frequently mixed with different materials to improve their substance.

For instance, a 50/50 mix of polyester and cotton feels delicate, yet it’s wrinkle-free and twice as powerful. While polyspun a 65/35 of polyester and cotton remains more durable and prevalent in the food industry. Although not as delicate, laminated cotton tablecloths stay shiny and it’s difficult to get dirty. Most cotton linens only require one washing and pressing to remain fit as a fiddle.


Essentially, a durable material that it’s spun to copy linen weaves and different materials. It’s composed synthetically and often joined with cotton. 100% polyester does not absorb fluid well; polyester tablecloths are robust.

They work well for basic table disasters like spills and stains. Likewise, it won’t recoil when washed, keeps its shape well in the dryer, and resist fading, and wrinkling. So there ideally use for casual events.


A more cheaply decision, vinyl falls between thin plastic and polyester. While broadly utilized as a part of tablecloths, additionally used to make clothes, purses, flooring, and PVC pipes. Vinyl tablecloths last longer than other dispensable tablecloths. Also, they are thicker and water resistance, therefore, appropriate for everyday use.

Additionally, perfect for outside occasions like picnics and BBQs since they do not get harm by spills or sunlight. The best part it’s that there cheap, environment-friendly, recyclable, and if you want to both dispose and reuse then, it’s all possible.

In conclusion

Well, hopefully, it helps you choose a type of linens for your party. Remember there many more tablecloths, for example, Bengaline, Church Line, Colormax, Cotton Premium, Satin, Velvet, Damask, and much more. Feel free to call party rental service when in doubt since I wrote of the more often use linens that parties will use.