Party Equipment Rental Miami

If you are looking to organize a corporate event, birthday party for your kids, or an outdoor event, Nicky’s Party Rental is where you should start. Our party rental company provides customers with the perfect way to entertain their guests. Regardless of the event you’re planning and its size, we have the party equipment to suit all your needs.

General Party Items Miami

Whether planning corporate events, birthday parties, or elegant events, taking care of the details may seem daunting. From determining how many people you want to invite to settling on a specific theme or selecting party equipment, you may find yourself overwhelmed with taking care of all these tasks. The good news is that you can call Nicky’s Party Rental anytime to assist you.

Our professionals offer premium party equipment, and we can even set everything up for you if needed.

Our Party Equipment Rental Miami

At Nicky’s Party Rental, we have you covered with any of your party or wedding rental needs. Our premium rental equipment includes everything from bounce houses, cocktail tables, dance floors, and concession machines to water slides and folding chairs. If you are ever in doubt and unsure about what you need for your event, our dedicated team can assist you in finding the most suitable products for your party.

While you may consider buying your products or party accessories, you’ll find that it’s a costly and cumbersome process. You will get amazing party rental equipment at reasonable prices when you contact us. 

At Ricky’s Party Rental, we go the extra mile to make you and your guests happy. We’ve got dinner spoons, cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, white rounds, dessert plates, pony rides, trains, grills, LED bars, tent light balls, portables ACs, red carpets, tables and chairs, and generators. You name it, and we’ll make it happen. Call us today at (786) 315-0400. You will never have to look for another party rental company in Miami, Florida.

Advantages of Hiring Nicky’s Party Rental

If you’re planning a party in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, or South Florida, Nicky’s Party Rental provides premium rental services for any special event. We serve Miami, Fl, and surrounding areas. Once you contact us, you won’t have another party-planning issue to worry about. 

We will help you eliminate all the extra responsibilities. We serve Miami Dade, Broward County, and West Palm Beach, ensuring to deliver the most fun and exquisite party rentals you could wish for. We offer a number of benefits, including:

Help with the Event Planning

Regardless of what event rental services you need, we will assist you in choosing the right party equipment so you can take your event to another level. Our team will coordinate and handle various tasks, such as choosing the best tables, chairs, dance floors, food machines, or other essential aspects of the party.

Party Equipment

At Nicky’s Party Rental, you can find any party equipment you need to plan a perfect event. Moreover, our deliveries, setup, and clean-up are flawless and fast. If you cannot find something you want on our website, call us and we will accommodate your needs.

By providing end-to-end party rental services, our team offers excellent customer service while creating the perfect ambiance to make your special occasion a success. In addition to delivering rental equipment, we will set up tables, chairs, BBQs, food equipment, bounce houses, and anything else you order for the big event. 

Saving Money and Time

Buying party supplies for your event will cost both money and time. Instead of spending unnecessary expenses or hovering from one store to another searching for the items you need, you can devote your time to planning and enjoying the party. At Nicky’s Party Rental, you can rely on us. Our team has never been late for deliveries, and our rental services come at reasonable prices. 

Expert Advice

When organizing a party, it is easy to get confused. Most people don’t know much about the planning process or the equipment they may need. This can only result in unnecessary stress, anxiety, and headaches. Consider seeking help from Nicky’s Party Rental to save you from unneeded worry. In addition to offering planning guidance, we provide advice on running a delightful and fun event.

Why It’s Best to Rent Party Equipment Rather Than Buy It

Suppose it’s time to start planning a big event in West Miami, and you have an idea of what your special occasion should look like but don’t have the needed equipment. But herein lies a great question: should you rent or buy party equipment? At Nicky’s Party Rental, we offer an incredible array of inventory to make your party shine.

If your budget is rather tight or you’re looking to avoid all the hassle of equipment storage, it might be in your best interest to consider renting. After all, a party rental company will simplify the process, letting you enjoy your time. But if you are still in doubt, there are some great reasons to rent party equipment instead of buying it.

You’ll Have More Time to Organize Your Party

We understand that a key element to organizing a party is time. Thus, renting the necessary equipment may save you time to handle the invitations and have fun with your quests. By seeking our help, you will avoid the stress of searching for equipment. Nicky’s Party Rental will take care of everything for you. We will promptly deliver the equipment to your location and have everything set up before the party starts and packed away when it’s over.

You’ll Avoid Outdated Equipment

Let’s face it—no one wants outdated equipment at their parties. In addition to their poor aesthetic, your guest may get injured or leave disappointed. You must ensure that your chairs are sturdy enough to hold people of different sizes, or your party may become a disaster. When you reach Nicky’s Party Rental, you can rest assured that our equipment is safe and up-to-date for any party.

Inventory Will Be Controlled

When you hire our party rental company, you will know precisely what you’ll be getting. The rental company will understand what kind of equipment is available and the quantity on any given day, so you won’t worry about a thing.

Undoubtedly, renting party equipment is a more viable option for you than buying. Besides saving yourself money, you won’t need to shop around or order online for equipment. Contact Nicky’s Party Rental today to discuss your needs or request a quote.

Great Variety

Organizing an event can take a lot of time and energy, so you’ll want to be rewarded for the dedication you have put into a party. Regardless of what ambiance or style your special events require, we offer a wide variety of items to suit all needs and preferences. Our rental company provides everything you need, from table and chair rentals to dance floors or popcorn machines. We’ll help you match your colors and create a design that will please your tastes.

Why Choose Nicky’s Party Rental?

Since planning our first party, Nicky’s Party Rental has built a solid reputation on premium equipment and professional service. In the ever-changing industry, our team has successfully extended our inventory to suit the many tastes, needs, and requirements of our clients. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, corporate event, baby shower, or backyard picnic, Nicky’s Party Rental has the equipment and expertise to assist you with your rental needs. 

From the very beginning, our team has provided professional service in the rental industry. It is our goal to make your party an unforgettable experience, so we take good care to provide attention to detail and excellent party rental equipment to accommodate and entertain your guests.

We are the leading local party rental provider in Miami, FL, and surrounding areas. Our equipment, accessories, and rental items are cleaned and maintained under industry safety regulations. At Nicky’s Party Rental, we provide an experience you and your guest will remember for a lifetime. Contact us at (786) 315-0400 or request a quote today! 


How early can I make a reservation?

The earlier, the better. We recommend booking your rental items as soon as possible. If you are planning a significant event such as a wedding, we suggest booking your rentals as soon as you have your guest list ready, or at least two to three months in advance. Usually, a two to four-week notice is ideal for smaller events. The summer and December are the busiest times, so you should consider booking in advance.

How are your rental items packed?

At Nicky’s Party Rental, our items are always delivered clean, sanitized, and ready to be used. All our dishware arrives in special racks and containers wrapped in bags. You cannot go wrong when contacting our team. Being a BBB credited business means we’re offering the highest quality and standards in rental service.

Can I make changes to my order?

We recommend you finalize your rental order at least three business days before your event. This will let us properly build, pack, and check your rental order while ensuring that everything is complete and ready for your party on time. Even with our professional team and a large variety of rental items, last-minute adjustments cannot be guaranteed due to reservations from our other customers. Please try to reserve your preferred items in advance so we can guarantee their availability.

When can I contact you?

We are available on the phone from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm on weekdays and 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on weekends. During this time, we make bookings and answer your queries. Once we take your order for rentals, we’ll send you a contract of our terms, what equipment you will be receiving, and details of the event.

Contact Nicky’s Party Rental Today

Nicky’s Party Rental is stocked with a selection of rental items—classic to contemporary—to ensure our customers’ needs and requirements are fulfilled. Our team will gladly assist you in creating an unforgettable event at a reasonable price. Our customers always return to us for being the most trustworthy and consistent team in the party rental business. Our team takes pride in delivering premium services and superior party rental equipment and products.

At Nicky’s Party Rental, we can accommodate any age group with various themes, so if your crowd is made of kids, parents, retirees, or anyone in between, we can provide fun for all your guests. Are you planning a wedding in Miami Gardens? Corporate events in Oakland Park? Birthday parties in Dania Beach? Then look no further than Nicky’s Party Rental. Contact us at (786) 315-0400 or request a quote today! We have you covered.