How To Prepare For An Outdoor Wedding With a Shaky Weather Forecast

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The time of your stunning outdoor wedding has arrived, and Party Rentals Miami wishes you the best time of your life. The decorations and flowers are set up, and the hard work and preparation have come to a glorious end.

But dam it is raining! The groom not appearing is a bride’s worst nightmare, but rain seems to be a close second especially, a mighty heavy shower during your wedding. Do you go in fear mode well, certainly not!

So stress not party rentals in Miami specialists have established a few pointers that will assist you in making the most of the rain and have the best rated outdoor wedding you have always wanted.

Rent a tent

Set up your tent nearly everywhere. For example, install a canopy at your favorite park or perhaps at an outdoors stunning mansion or property. Whether you are choosing a casual or formal setting, tents are available in many shapes, sizes, and fabrics.

Utilize your regional tent rental business to determine which style matches your vision. Also, make sure to opt for a tent which works well for the kind of floor you have such as cement, sand, grass and so forth.

Frame tents walls come in durable, clear, cathedral (with windows), and fabric. For rainy season or storms get a frame tent with dividers will help keep everything dry.

However, even the sturdiest tents cannot withstand heavy rains and fierce winds. Consequently, you’re going to need to talk to the merchant about the safety, for instance, wind speed the tent can take and the staking or tie-downs you need to purchase.

Lastly, have a backup plan usually, like a paid venue which you might lose the deposit if you cancel the site, but you could still have the wedding.

Consider renting extra items

Since tents come empty, you will need to add some additional touches to complete the appearance and design. Fortunately, you will find a lot of rental layouts available such as textured drapes to matching linens, amazing chandeliers, lighting, and vibrant furniture.

Decide as to what things are essential for you and then work out how to match the stuff on the top of your list and to your financial plan.

Remember to weatherproof your tent. For a summer wedding bring fans and mobile ac units and keep guests warm during chillier months with propane heaters. You might also want to include flooring surfaces (to fix uneven ground) and wall mounted panels to shield your guests from rain or wind.

Your staff will need additional time to set up the tent, and your other rental installation service will follow. For example, décor, tables, seats, music equipment, and, other essential items need time to set up too.

Now, to keep insects at bay throughout your rainy wedding, consider getting your place sprayed by an exterminator two days before and putting citronella candles throughout the area.

Good food

An outside wedding gives you the flexibility to make special menus. Under a tent, you could toss a New England clambake, a hot barbecue or possibly a “Lechon asado.”

Also, aim to have a lot of cold refreshments and water available mainly when the weather is humid and hot. Lemonade and iced tea are great for hot days. Well, adult drinks like whiskey, champagne, beer, and, margaritas are for you to determine.

It is critical that your caterer organizes a site visit before your wedding to make sure they are well-equipped to deal with space. Furthermore, the caterer will require a separate prepping tent. And do not neglect the necessity for electricity and water sources.


One of the worst things about an event is the restroom either it’s too far or crowded so think about leasing portable restrooms. The long days of lousy looking portable toilets are over.

Nowadays, it is possible to find luxury portable restrooms with conveniences such as room audio, granite or marble countertops, and air conditioning or even heaters.

Don’t forget to offer guests something to chat about with a couple of subtle extras such as luxe soaps, fresh blossoms, and decorated towels.

The last tip, rent enough portable restrooms since you don’t want people waiting and complaining about how big the lines remain.