How To Throw A Great Halloween Party

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Halloween is one of the busiest party times of the year; the National Retail Federation says that Americans spent approximately $82.93 per person on Halloween in 2016. That’s one scary statistic for your wallet!

But… throwing the most pumpkin-bashing Hallowing party does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money.

Although not having the proper budget may take additional time and a lot of effort, there is no reason why you should not celebrate Hallowing the right way.

Our Miami party rentals team offer some tips that can help you organize a great Halloween party with a small budget:

Choose the proper Party Venue!

This is one of the most difficult things to do! As they may result in a huge expense, if you don’t book the place on time, it may get booked by other people.

But since you don’t count on a big budget, you can always throw a house party and use a Halloween theme bounce house for children to jump in. Or if you are a little bold, you can invite your friends to a spooky place like a cemetery, just kidding! If you do, do it at your own risk and with permission from the cemetery. Nicky Party Rentals doesn’t recommend it; use a park.

Make it a costume party

Chances are, someone will show up at your party with no costume. So make wearing a costume the price of admission to your bash. If still some of your party-goers did not dress ghoulishly or ghostly, have mini-costumes like masks, and face makeup, which can easily find at a Party rental near me store or dollar store.

Decor, one of the most important things in this season!

Halloween decorations are the highlight of any Halloween party. People are always seeking to find the most shocking and scariest decors when assisting a party.

Get your stuff at the dollar store:

Pop by your local dollar store to grab some great orange and black décor items like festoons, balloons, and confetti. Use old blankets to add cutouts of ghosts to your windows.

Buy cheap candy and place them on tables as centerpieces as you can also throw a few candles to compliment the decor and add some dim lighting.

Jack-O’-Lanterns are a must!

From squash skulls to pumpkin owls, there’s no end to the squash-static creations you can make to celebrate Halloween. You can always get your artistic side into carving your pumpkins.

What’s on the menu?

People get pretty hungry and thirsty. A great host provides wicked Recipes tailored for Halloween. Shouldering the entire cooking burden may be too much if you are on a low budget, so you may want to consider looking for a co-host to help you, or you can also require your guest to bring something.

Whatever decision you arrive at, the main objective is not to over-extend your finances or time. If you do smart shopping and select the proper recipes, you can put to the table fantastic food items for under $50 bucks. Remember always to provide a variety of drinks and a few standard snacks. Also, remember to throw cups, plates, flatware, and napkins which can also be themed.

Set the mood!

Remember to choose nice and spooky music to incentivize all skeletons and Underworld costume creatures to dance!

Also, you may include some games to break the ice and involve everyone at the party. Some of the best ideas for games are:

  • Halloween Charades – easy to come up with a few index cards with Halloween things on them.
  • Trivia – 20 horror movies
  • Truth or Dare
  • Halloween ‘Who am I?’

Each guest pulls an index card out of a hat. The card will have a suitable Halloween character on it. Without the player seeing it, the host then tapes it to that person’s forehead so that the word is visible to the other guest.

The player then has to ask, in turn, the other guests a question about what they are. The guests cannot say what the player is or hint at it, only answer direct questions (except what am I). Starting with 100 points, each question they ask subtracts 1 point. Each wrong guess also takes away a point until either the player hits or gets it right and keeps their remaining points.

Contests to give out dollar toys

Mummy wrapping contest: Team up people. One is the mummy; one is the embalmer. Blindfold both and give them three rolls of toilet paper.

The first one to completely wrap their mummy wins! Also, there is the traditional costume contest in which a jury is in charge of choosing the party’s creepiest costume. You can always give out prizes worth candy or shots.