How To Throw The Best NFL Football Party

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The NFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in America, which is no surprise. Most Americans follow a team -usually, their home team- from beginning to, if they are lucky enough, the final countdown, the Superbowl. Some of them follow their favorite team; ours is the Miami Dolphins fervently to stadiums for live shows, investing an excessive amount of money on football tickets, team’s jerseys, and much more.

Others, still fans, but more conservatives, prefer watching the games at home with their families and friends, holding a few cold beers and some snacks.

Here we offer you some tips to throw the best NFL Football Party if you are the latter person.

Imagine the NFL game is on Friday, today is Monday, and you want to host the most amazing NFL party and watch the game with your peers, build nice memories around a football game, and hopefully, see your team win!

It seems pretty nice. Well, for that, you need to organize yourself, not that fun anymore. Don’t worry; our Miami party planning near me experts can guarantee you that your NFL party will be one of the hottest ones with these ideas.

It’s all about organizing your NFL Football Party.

1. Create a list of the things you are planning to have at your party and that you feel are definitely a must for you!

Some things I can think of that are important when throwing an NFL party are the following:

  1. Venue/ location
  2. Party supplies
  3. Post victory celebration games
  4. Food items
  5. Drinks
  6. Guests
  7. TV
  8. Audio System
  9. Location
  10. Chair rentals for party

NFL parties have no rules!

You can watch the game in an outdoor space or indoors; that is totally up to you and the people you are with! If you are planning on having an outdoor party, you may want to have a nice barbecue. For that, you need to consider many aspects, such as the weather, ask yourself the following questions:

Is it raining? Is it too hot these days? Are there bugs outside that may come and ruin the day?

If you are considering having an indoor party, you need to think about the space: How many people are you going to have at the party? What is the perfect TV angle? Do you need extra lighting?

Those are aspects that you need to think about and consider!

Party Rental and Decorations!

This is one of the most fun tasks for every party host, or well, it is at least for me! There is a wide range of ideas you can use for your NFL party, from DIY to going to a store and getting all the cool football items.

If you are not an artsy person, nor have the patience, don’t worry, you can always buy or rent from a party rentals Miami website. Just for your information, there are many party supply stores nowadays with full sections devoted to the sports’ theme, more specifically, to NFL. Party supplies items including serving ware, centerpieces, or any other type of decoration appealing and smooth to the eye!

These stores offer party kits that include disposable cups, plates, napkins, and cutlery with your favorite football team’s logos. Also, if you want to add some more decor, you can include some themed balloons and tablecloths. Or, if you don’t want to take more time, you can obtain a Football Decoration Kit for about 15-20 bucks. This usually includes football swirl decorations.

Football centerpieces, table cloths, and a pennant Banner.

Now, if you are more of a DIY, you can buy some paper to make festoons and some orange foam paper and draw some handmade footballs to post on the walls, or you can also make foam gloves by getting blue foam material.

Also, you can create your own banner with some cardboard and a nice set of markers!

Post victory celebration games

What about the fun?

If you want to give it all out there and are seeking to entertain your people, whether in half-time, before or after the game, you feel like celebrating your team’s victory, you can have several game ideas:

If you have decided to throw an outdoor party, the sky is the limit! You can play some games.

a. Pinata!

If you have some extra bucks lying around, you can research where you can have a custom football-shaped pinata!

You can either buy some bags of candy or put any item you’d like, whatever can spice things up!

You can also have your friends try to tackle a Football Pinata while they’re blindfolded. It’s sure to be a great hit at your football party.

b. Football Wrap

Form teams of three or four and hand out a roll of football toilet paper to each team. Have the teams compete to see who can wrap up their teammate fastest and roll up the paper again.

Food, drinks, TV, audio, and guests

These five go along really well. First, make sure who will be attending your party so you can make the best food selection; usually, snacks work pretty well, now if you actually have a BBQ, make sure you buy the best meat cuts and sausages. You can also rent a concession machine from Nicky’s party rental.

Booze! You should always have a big cooler with different types of beers, meet most guests’ tastes, think about the tiniest guests, the kids, and throw some non-alcoholic drinks.

In case you are celebrating a birthday you can bake a ball-shaped cake!

TV and audio are significant matters, so make sure you check them before the game. You can even get a projector if you are expecting a lot of people!