Inflatable Water Slide Rental Tips

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An inflatable water slide rental can give many hours of fun and entertainment for all users, both children, and adults, plus help cool off from the heat. Inflatable water or dry slide rental is useful for people who want to try a new entertainment type.

Kids, teenagers, and even grown-ups can appreciate the excitement of sliding down an inflatable slide. Inflatable water slide rentals are even more exciting than bounce house rentals in Miami. Yes, since it is exciting and thrilling for riders, they go down the tall water slides during summer or dry slides during winter.

Your heart starts to pump blood, and you get animated as you slide down one of these tall inflatable slides. Bring the water park to your next gathering or occasion by renting one of our party rental package that includes an inflatable slide from Nicky Party Rental Miami.

Ensure you rent a Water Slide Rental

You cannot use some inflatable slides as water slides. A water slide will ordinarily have a pool to slide into for an enjoyable splash while stopping safely at the end of the slide. Manufacturers make Inflatable water slide rentals of more water-resistant materials and built watertight. Companies and manufacturers make regular inflatable slides not the same as durable water slides materials and don’t function well for water usage.

There are three types of inflatable slides. Dry slides only work as a dry slide, and you can’t add water to them without disrupting their operation. Often, water soaks through them and doesn’t boost a sliding surface. And different instances like a danger with an unprotected air pump connected with a power source. Wet-only slides work when you add water. These inflatable water slide rentals aren’t made of a material that isn’t as slippery without water added. They hence won’t work well until you add some water.

Thirdly, hybrid slides exist that users can use with either water or dry. Reserving a hybrid inflatable water slide rental might be ideal when you’re worried about water rationing; you can use a wet slide. Or use it as a dry slide if a water source isn’t accessible upon the occasion’s start.

Have a Contingency Plan for Bad Weather

Nobody can predict 100% the weather forecast, so if the climate isn’t appropriate for using a water slide, you need to have a contingency plan.

Can a lousy climate disrupt an occasion?

Downpour or rain with lightning can disrupt a gathering. However, users can use inflatable water slides in a light rainfall or passing shower. You may have to reschedule dry slides or bounce house rental parties.

  • Thunderstorms mean closing down any inflatables until the storm passes. Lightning and water don’t mix.
  • High winds can cancel an inflatable water slide until the winds subside. Winds more than 20 mph are hazardous for inflatables, both bouncer and water slides. They might topple and even bounce across the site, damaging the slide and causing injuries to your guests.
  • Hot climate can be a people health hazard; however, you can balance it by guaranteeing appropriate hydrating. You can ensure everybody has sunscreen and protection from the heat, and shade for individuals to gather.

Ensure you Hire an Attendant

Any inflatable can be risky if it’s misused. The danger of falling, landing incorrectly, sliding too fast, or getting injured on an inflatable can increase without the proper usage. Most inflatable water slide rentals are straightforward to use and supervise, which means there no training needed to watch them. Nonetheless, you would always hire an attendant or ask friends to manage a slide for better and safer results.

When used correctly, the danger of any inflatable is minor. The worst injury that you may witness on occasion is a mat burn or scratch. Therefore, consider implementing some inflatable castles safety tips.

Rent Inflatable Water Slide Rentals from a Reliable Company

Ensure the party rental Miami Company you’re leasing from is an insured, safe, and reliable company.

Check our tips below:

  1. Check to ensure the party rental company has a real location. A few companies work out of a van and changing their name and registration when an issue or fiasco happens. A reallocation makes it unlikely the company will flee from its responsibility.
  2.  Check how many years does the business has in operations. The more years a company has in operation, the more likely they have insurance and legitimate.
  3.  Confirm that the company has insurance on their inflatables.
  4. Once you’ve checked this information correctly, you can investigate things like online reviews to ensure the party rental company has a good reputation.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be in an incredible place to appreciate inflatable water slide rentals Miami fun during the hottest times of summer! Or have fun on a dry slide during winter.