Inflatable Water Slide Safety Tips

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When the heat of summer starts to strike, everyone can’t wait to visit a water park or maybe rent an inflatable water slide for you and your loved ones to dive in! But even though an inflatable water slide rental may build memorable experiences for your children. These large and colorful slides can bring a lot of excitement and are the perfect addition to any backyard party or special event. However. not following basic inflatable water slide safety rules can turn that memory into a terrible experience.

Today, we will like to offer you some tips that will allow your kids to have a wonderful time while also being safe too. As a party rental company, it is our obligation to guide our potential clients on the importance of safety!

When your kids see water slide rentals in Miami, they will become over-excited and might lose a bit of control. Some of them will cut in the line to go many times. Therefore, your children and little guests must be instructed with strict rules for behavior.

Here are some waterslide safety rules that you should give them.

    1. Don’t push other kids.
    2. Riders should not dive on or near the water inflatable slide.
    3. Absolutely no riding on the stomach or headfirst is allowed, as this may cause spinal injuries, paralysis, or death. All riders must be in a seating position when they enter the inflatable water slide.
    4. Riders are not allowed to cut in line.
    5. Not throwing objects into the inflatable as it may damage the rental.
    6. Do not use the slide as a bouncer.
    7. All riders must go one at a time on the slide.
    8. Riders are not allowed to run, jump or flip in the inflatable.
    9. Before entering the slide, remove all objects that are sharp such as jewelry.
    10. Arm wrestle or rough games should be prohibited at all times when in the slide.
    11. The supervisor should always be present!

Inflatable Water Slide Safety Tips For Parents


Weather is an important aspect to take into account as inflatables begin to deflate when the weather turns bad, so make sure to check the weather report and get ready to get everyone out before this happens.

About clothing!

Ask the little ones to remove their shoes, jewelry key rings, belts, or anything with a zipper. If you can, ask parents and kids previously to the occasion, to bring comfortable suits, a swimming suit will work just perfect!


Adult supervision is one of the most important aspects when renting a water inflatable slide for kids. Sometimes the worst accidents happen due to a lack of parental’ supervision. If you find this a little tiring, taking turns is a good idea, but DO NOT ever leave the area unsupervised.

Educate the little ones

It is also important to always educate your children on security concerns and explain to them the reasons why they are not ought to do certain things when using water slides. Instead of setting many ground rules, please give them a reason not to do these things!

Avoid for it to get crowded!

To avoid security concerns, manage the turns for every kid. Allow time between riders, so it does not get crowded. However, if crowding begins at the end of the slide, briefly interrupt and ask riders to clear the area.

To keep in mind!

Don’t allow riders younger than 5 years or people that weigh over 275 pounds. For better information, get in touch with your party rental Miami Beach, and ask for the specifications. Remember each inflatable is different from the other, and this information may vary. Also, pregnant women or individuals with heart conditions should not be allowed on the slide.

Keep it clear!

If you are preparing a night party, or the party extends to the night, get ready and rent light equipment beforehand. Lightning should keep the party safe.

Building nice moments with your kids is priceless but remembers that security should always come first. Make sure to get ready to receive your guests and be on top of their every move AT ALL TIMES! We hope that these set tips come very handy for you and you and all the little riders. We wish you to have an amazing inflatable day with your family and guests.

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