Inflatables For a Fitness Day Party

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Our kids’ health is something we should not take lightly; good health starts a home by providing our kid’s meals rich in vitamins and minerals. Did you know there are 13.7 million obese children in the United States of America. Often, even if we prepare the most healthy and delicious dishes for the little ones of the house, in most cases, they don’t end up eating it all.

Kids love all types of junk food, sodas, chips, sweets which are not good since they do not contain any substantial body nutrients. A bounce house rentals Miami is a good idea for exercise when throwing a party but wants to continue with the kids’ active lifestyle.

Inflatables castle rentals can keep your kids in shape

Have you ever had to drag yourself into the gym after a long day? Sometimes exercising is no fun, it is more like something we need to do to stay fit! Children probably have the same feeling toward the idea of exercise.

The grand majority of kids have tons of energy, and as parents, we should take advantage by helping them get fit and healthy. Exercises could be fun for a while, but after, kids will get really bored and finally quit. So today, we want to give you a terrific idea on how to motivate your kid to exercise while also having tons of fun! Yes, those two come hand and hand, if you get them an inflatable.

Did you know that jumping activates 14 muscles in the body? There are all types of bounce houses and inflatables, varying in size, shape, or theme, but there are some that have been designed to stimulate your child to do some workout. Trick your children to exercise! Here is a list of inflatables that will make your kids sweat:

The obstacle course inflatable

This is a great addition to a fitness party day! You can either rent this bouncer at your favorite party rental for around $350, or you can buy it at any toy store. Kids will have tons of fun while doing a great workout. The gigantic 30 feet obstacle course allows your kids to climb walls and run, jump or bounce in the bouncing area to finally come out as a winner through the tunnel at the end. This bounce house is perfect for a competition between two people.

Banzai Triple Racer Water Slide

Adding up some water to your fitness party day is not such a bad idea after all! You can get this toy at any children’s store, and the best thing is that it is at a reasonable price. With this inflatable, kids and adults can compete into winning the race by running or sliding across a 16 feet lane while getting all your body splashed!

Rock climb slide inflatable

Put your kid’s climbing abilities to the test. With the rock climb wall slide inflatable, your kids will be able to climb the rock wall only to slide back to the start through the 12 feet long slide. This activity will allow your kids to use their muscles, potentially making them stronger, develop motor skills and burn calories while they have fun! To make it more competitive, you can add a race track to the end of this slide!

5 in 1 bounce house

This cool 5 in 1 bounce house combo unit will allow your kids several opportunities for working out. The kid will be able to do some cardio as the bounce in the bounce area, do a little running competition with their friend at the obstacle course, do latter climbing, or play a basketball match with the basketball hoop integrated. You can find a 5 in 1 bounce house in different themes such as Sports, Western, and Race Cars. This sporty toy can be found at any party rental supply, and it costs around $199 bucks to rent.

Buccaneer Inflatable Water Slide Park

This inflatable also provides multiple activities in one. Your kids can climb to the buccaneer cliff and slide down through the cannonball chute to the shallow pool area. And if you do not want to fill it up with water, you can always add some colored balls for them to play inside!

Getting your kids into shape has never been easier and funnier. Set up an inflatable and enjoy the sound of their laughter as they play their way through the daily exercise. The hardest part of this activity will be getting them inside!