Party Ideas for Saint Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air, and Party rentals Miami knows it! As Saint Valentine’s Day is coming, you may be planning a romantic night or a party with friends. That is why today we bring fresh party ideas for Valentine´s day, for you to have the most beautiful and memorable event.

This celebration is worldwide, and we all know that throwing a dinner or a dance party during this holiday is customary among friends, especially the ones who are single. And if you are looking for extra party supplies, Party rental Miami offers a number of unique items, from dance floors and red carpet walk to LED bars and Dj’s.


Organizing for an event is a crucial element for things to run smoothly!

Some of the things that are important that you take care beforehand:

The invitations

You can find themed invitations at party supplies companies, but also if you have the time, you can do some DIY invitations or even find templates for free online and print them out. The way you would like to fix your cards it is entirely up to you, but the important thing is that you make sure you send the invitations out at least two weeks in advance, so you give your friends a chance to plan work around their schedule. So you need to hurry!

Valentine’s food

You can make Valentine’s Day perfect with the most romantic food items. This holiday is all about chocolate and strawberry. So you may want to include those ingredients but with a little bit of a twist, to surprise all of your sweet tooth friends.

Chocolate Mousse with Puff Pastry Hearts, this dessert is not only delicious but easy to make, you will spend less time in the kitchen and more with your loved one.

The chocolate cherry candy cake is another great option for this holiday-inspired in the classic box of chocolate, filled with candy cherry mousse and chocolate. Also, the chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cheesecake is a Valentine day essential,

Décor and games

Your party decoration depends on the nature of the event, whether you are Planning a bash for your family and close friends or a dance party. If you are planning a small intimate dinner with the family and close friends, you can go for the traditional décor.

Pick up some sweet decoration kits, that have all kinds of beautiful valentine’s day themes, like hearts and little cupids hangings and festoons and throw some heart-shaped balloons, also add a few DIY banners with cute messages like “be mine,” “I love you” “love is good.”

Table wear

When it comes to the table wear, you have infinite choices, but you can’t ever go wrong renting the old traditional white or red table cloths at your favorite party rental. Also, you can include some sweet center pieces, like bowls with candy or even better you can sprinkle the table with heart-shaped candies. Another more traditional idea for centerpieces is flower ornaments, pink silk flowers, ivy and more.

Valentine for singles

Now if your party is about dancing and having fun with your single friends and couples, you may want to dish some of the previews ideas and go for a theme, you can go for the anti-valentine day party theme or a single mixer party!

The invitations themes are fundamental; you don’t want to make it sound like a lonely hearts party. Make the invitations witty and funny by adding jokes, add notes like “let’s mingle and make new friends,” that way you won’t add lots of pressure on the guests.


Single Valentine’s party are great opportunities for games and dancing. Having a Dj at the party is a great way to keep the environment upbeat. But also you can make some music shifts, choosing lounge tunes and to later move to more danceable tunes.

The décor

You can have tons of fun with the décor, depending on your party theme, if you go for the anti-valentine day, you can steer away from the red color. You can add some heart-broken heart hangings and funny drunken cupids that can be found at any party supply store.


A single party is a great chance to make -meet and greet- games, but Party rental Miami suggests not to make these mandatory because not the friends that assist to your party are seeking to meet people and are okay with being single.


Play with the lights a little, keep them low and flattering! Most rental companies have lights with dim switches that will help you set the ambiance.