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Party Planning for the Dream Event

In case you’re looking for a great party planner Nicky Party Rentals Miami can help arrange the points of interest for large scale occasions like weddings and parties. They can likewise help pull together party events on tight timetables speedier than the normal individual in light of the assets available to them. An accomplished gathering organizer can likewise breathe life into your vision of the occasion or point you in the correct bearing on the off chance that you have no clue what you need for the gathering.

Party Planning Rental Miami

Event organizers in Miami, Florida have a great time arranging occasions. Additionally, we know it’s a considerable measure of work and involves coordination with different sellers. Luckily, a party planner works with merchants on junctures all the time so you can take advantage from their associations. Our organization provides administrations to general party arranging, corporate planning, and wedding.

Wedding and Party Events Specialist

In case you’re getting married, scan our postings for south Florida party organizers who have practical experience in weddings and can help you arrange the wedding you had always wanted. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t need a wedding organizer to arrange the whole occasion, your scene frequently needs a wedding facilitator who can give direction and help as you need it. Exploit their experience helping brides as you plan your own occasion.

Our top quality wedding and occasion making arrangements for any financial plan. Basically, our theory is that you ought to feel like a visitor at your own event. So we try to deal with the majority of the troublesome and distressing parts while permitting you to unwind totally and make the most of your occasion. Generally, we offer an assortment of administrations and packages to meet any occasion, small or large, and budgetary needs. Our enthusiastic group is focused on guaranteeing that your wedding or party is custom fitted to your individual necessities. We will arrange your dream day effortlessly to make great recollections for you and the family or friends.

Client administration is our top need. We look forward to the opportunity to see the greater part of our customers’ dreams, and we pride ourselves on our ability to convey their fantasy party. Our enthusiasm for serving brides and their families on their extraordinary day settles on us the ideal decision to sort out and execute any wedding arrangement. We respect the chance to procure your trust and give the ideal support of any wedding and party event.

We all would love to have the best party, event or special occasion possible, but things can go haywire fast. That’s likely more too happen when you don’t have any experience in party planning. Today we here at Party Rentals Miami Nicky will help you get over that fear of your party bombing like a young comic at the Apollo Theater.

Envisioning how you would like your event to be like.

Yes, you need I vision of what you would like before you Google search Party rental company. If you don’t have a vision yet, take some time before you dialed up an “event planning company”. Would you like a more casual look to your party or a really high-end event? What do you want to be the main focus music or maybe the exquisite food and drinks or both? By avoiding this mistake you will have a clear picture of what you want and what type of company to hire. Once you have an idea we can begin with the next mistake to avoid.

Deciding if you need an event planner is crucial to your success.

Now that you decided on the theme and have a vision of your event, we need to figure out if you can create this on your own. Can you see yourself with over 100 guests getting this party to be as perfect as possible? If you are having doubts do not risk it and hire a planner. By hiring a party planning company, you will be relieve of most of the time consuming duties like, it’s the venue paid on time. What about the vendors? are the contracts sign with the details edge out. If you really need to figure out if a planner is in your best interest, check out our post here on what a wedding planner does. Now that you know you need an event planner, let’s check out our next step.

Let’s do our homework.

Let’s start by getting the first 2 pages of Google searches for “best party planning company”. Once we have a list we go into their website. Their websites should have a professional look and feel to it. If they can’t even make their website look good, how are they going to make your party look great? See if they have photos and videos about their party events. Notice if their events have a cohesive style you’ll like. You can also see in the images and videos if the size of party he mostly works on fits your party range. See if you find reviews of the company check out ours on yelp and Facebook. Once you are ready to meet the one you like we prepare.

Be ready when going to the meeting for the first time.

Have some images of the type of event you envision, also see how enthusiastic the planner acts toward your ideas and needs. Remember that if it’s a wedding you might want to have a good working vibe between the both of you. This person might be working with you for month if the event is a wedding, corporate event or something similar.

References are so important; don’t make the mistake of not asking for them!

Seeing how someone worked on other similar events might give you more confidence about going forward. Ask the references on how he or she dealt with the vendors and venue. Also ask if the planner answer the emails and phone calls in a timely manner. Did the vision the person have, come to realty as close as possible. These are questions you should ask before hiring.

Compare pricing between your top 2 choices.

If after all this the top 2 companies are neck and neck. You can decide on the lowest price of the 2 to save you a few dollars. But don’t make it the most important if one is a lot better than the other after all these factors and the saving is minimal go with the best. This will assure you a perfect event!

Over-the-top kids birthday party trends

We all heard and seen shows like MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 where rich parents throw over the top parties costing over hundreds of thousands of dollars. We in the party rental business know a lot about these types of parties. We also understand the criticism that these type of parties for teens and kids bring. But we also believe everyone has the right to do what they please with their hard earn money. So let’s shared some stories of what we seen parents rent and do for their beloved kids.

Expensive rental locations

From 5 star hotels like the Mandarin Oriental in Miami to renting out toy store we seen parents spend around $20,000 just on a venue for their kids birthday parties. These venues come with an all you can eat buffet for all the guests plus high-end magicians, clowns & performers.

Expensive birthday cakes

One of the more expensive things we see is beautiful design cake for 400 people costing around $15,000. This was at a sweet sixteen party, the biggest I have seen. Some of the most expensive cakes can cost millions of dollars. You can check out more about expensive cakes here at Nicky’s.

The big entrance

Who can forget the big entrance these kids make. It’s like movie stars on the opening of a new movie. They come in helicopters, expensive sports cars, and huge limos.

5 Obstacle Courses rented by a mom

We had a mom asking us to rent 5 obstacle courses which cost her $2,350. She also asked for 5 concession machines. They 1 Hot dog machine, 2 snow cone machines, 1 cotton candy machine and a popcorn machine. The total for the concession machines came to $250. With the cake and everything else this lady spent around $10,000.

We feel that if this type of party might not be for everyone. We have seen clients spend a few hundred bucks and still have a great party. Really the people around you that you are spending the time is what’s going to make the party a great moment.