Renting a Bounce House Recommendations for Great Experience

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As a reliable party rental company, we needed to share our insights when renting a bounce house for a party or event. Please, don’t call the least expensive place on Craigslist and get an item that doesn’t care about safety.

There’s a reason these bounce houses cost a lot less here than a legitimate bounce house rent in Miami. These bounce house rental tips below will guarantee that you, your children, and guests will have an extraordinary experience in renting a bounce house.

First, Find a Reputable Bounce House Rental Company

Above all else, consider renting a bounce house from a reputable party rental company. Inflatables rentals in Miami are regulated. The bounce house you pick should have a license and be inspected by the state. The person renting the bouncer on Craigslist has none of these.

If those units aren’t approved for commercial use, they may represent a more severe danger for injury. Many go into renting a bounce house since you will have many children jumping and having a great time inside the bouncer.

Cleaned and Sanitized

Renting a clean bounce house is a must. A responsible party rental company will clean and disinfect the entire units before and after every rental. There is no reason for accepting a filthy inflatable castle when you’re paying full. Granted, with a lot of use, scrapes and stains will occur, but those won’t transfer to your garments or skin. So how might you know whether a party rental company keeps their units clean?

Well, research or ask a friend or family member since most likely someone you know has leased one before. Usually, wet leaves can damage the vinyl. Sometimes, they get stuck someplace in the inflatable castle when the employees roll it up. If you don’t supervise the bouncer, children will often bring food or drinks or even jewelry, ruining the rented unit and causing money losses because it’s a rental.

Pick the Correct Kind and Size Bounce House

Inflatable castles are not merely places to jump around! These units can come with dry and wet slides, obstacle courses, one or two story’s, and more types. You can even rent an 8×8 bounce house with your child’s favorite theme like Batman, Spiderman, or a princess.

While a bigger unit costs more to set up, it gives an improved entertainment alternative, particularly for the older children at your gathering. Since it is inflatable, overloading the inflatable castle could cause severe injuries to the occupants. Know your bounce house weight limit and ask the party rental company the number of kids the house can safely hold. Also, consider renting two or more bounce house rentals for more significant events to prevent overcrowding and making your small guest wait.

Stake the Bounce House Down or Weigh it Down

Always ensure the party rental staff who sets up the inflatable either stakes it down or weights it down with sandbags or concrete blocks. This is another no reason not to since a lot can go wrong.

Let the party rental company you are renting the bounce house know whether you are setting up on grass or hard surface so they can bring the right equipment.

Ensure you Supervise the Bounce House Rental

Remember to always follow the safety instructions given to you. Ensure you get the information from the business you are leasing from. If not, I would question whether that company is trustworthy. Bouncers are not babysitters!

An adult should always be present supervising the children. Most of the incidents that happen are from a lack of supervision and packing the bouncer above the limit. Yeah, I know, I know, party time’s slipping away, you ran around the entire day, and you want to relax. However, this is where most incidents occur.

If you don’t supervise the bouncing action, bigger children may fall on smaller ones hurting them, or they may even tip the bouncer since it’s holding too much weight.

So, pull up a chair to the inflatable castle, put your feet up there, supervise the children to prevent horseplay, and overcrowd the bouncer.

Bounce House Rentals are fun!

Remember, even adults can have some good times! Renting a bounce house is fun castles, and your children will thank you for leasing one. Need a party package, click this link, bounce house rental packages.