Should You Throw a Party in a Hotel or Rental Home?

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Sometimes you end up going on vacation and end up renting an Airbnb or a hotel room to stay in for a couple of nights. You end up meeting up with friends, or make some along the way, and you want to throw a little impromptu party? Well, this is one of the rare occasions where we wouldn’t advise using a party rental company in Miami as transferring all that type of equipment should only be reserved for your house or an approved outdoor venue. Otherwise, you could run into liability issues especially if there’s any property damage.

We’ve been around the party rentals Miami scene for quite some time and we’ve heard a lot of stories of unpleasant and inconsiderate guests who trash homes with no regard for who has to clean up the mess. Don’t be one of those! There are many topics you should cover and questions you should ask yourself before even considering throwing a party in a hotel or house that is not yours. Typically, it’s best not to, but if you will, at least be mindful, prepared, and considerate.

Consider the space and your guests

Whether it’s high school prom or a Comic-Con out in Miami Beach, hotel parties have always been a staple type of party. While Airbnb has only been a recent development in the past decade, there are two logistical standpoints you have to keep in mind when attempting to throw a party in a rental or hotel: the setting and the people.

With the setting, know the physical space. Are there are lot of valuables that could easily be bumped into (and charged to you)? Is there enough space for people to walk without feeling cramped?

If you’re renting out an Airbnb, keep in mind, most terms and conditions of the house and the renter explicitly state what you can’t or can’t do in the house. If your rental home is in a dense neighborhood where loud music or people could disrupt people’s sleep, not only could you get in trouble with the neighbors but you could potentially get your host in trouble too. This could put you in jeopardy of not being able to rent out more Airbnbs. Hotels also have their rules and guidelines when it comes to guests so it really depends on what hotel you choose.

As for the guests, it’s best to keep the limit to 8-10 people at most. More people could provide a bigger range for trouble, whether it’s people drinking too much, theft, or potential damages. Only invite people you know and trust and you should be fine so long as you don’t go too crazy.

Consider the materials and clean-up

As we said before, we don’t really advise getting a party rental company for this type of party. The main things you’ll need for hotel or rental home party are drink-related (cups, ice, maybe a mini-cooler) and music-related (again, nothing too loud that’ll disrupt other guests). The allure of a hotel party is that it’s supposed to be relatively unplanned and thrown together hastily.

But we have to stress, please please please (!) clean up after yourselves before you leave. A messy apartment not only shows poor etiquette and manners but could potentially get you in trouble if you make a big enough mess. Hotel horror stories are dime a dozen and knowing what poor housekeepers or cleaners have to go through should put things in perspective for you.

Consider alternatives

Thinking about the fact that you stand to gain a lot of stress and liability from throwing this type of party, maybe it’s best that you consider other alternatives. Maybe you and your friends can meet at a bar instead? Go out to a karaoke bar in Miami (if you’re down here) and impress your friends with your awesome singing skills. Or just call it a night and rest up, especially if you’ve got a lot more planned in the upcoming nights.

If you’re in a hotel, typically the hotel itself has a bar or lounge where you can mingle for a bit before deciding what you actually want to do. Use that area to figure out whether you really want to go through with the party.

As for being in an Airbnb, see if one of your friends can open up their house instead of you opening yours. It would save you a lot of stress down the road and may be best for everyone involved, including yourself.

If there are too many red flags, don’t do it

Hotel parties are fun if done right, but if you feel there are too many unknowns and question marks, perhaps it’s best that you don’t go through with it. There are many different ways to have a good time, and if you’re on vacation, maybe it’s best to do something that’s off the beaten path anyway!