Table Choice & Seating Capacity Manual

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Party Rentals Miami wants to help you on your next occasion, but the first thing you need to know first is seating arrangement. Mistakes like inviting 50 guests but not knowing where to seat them are rookie blunders and how to seat the visitor is a lost art too.

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing which sort of table to use for your next celebration. The very first thing is whether to utilize round, rectangular or square tables. Next, the number of people you expect to come but don’t worry party rentals in Miami has you covered.

Let us talk about the benefits of each type: 


Roundtables are the most popular selection for seating since they enable all the visitors to see each other making a cozy atmosphere for dialogue. Additionally, they allow for both smooth and intricate centerpiece layouts.

Example of how many can sit at a roundtable:

  • 72″ round table seat 10 guests
  • 66″ Round Seat 9-10 guest
  • 60″ round table rentals seat 8 guests
  • 54″ Round Seat 7-8 guest
  • 48″ round table rentals seat 6 guests
  • 42″ Round Seat 5 guest
  • 36″ round table rentals seat 4 guests
  • 30″ Round Seat 2-3 guest


  • Most venues offer two variants of round tables
  • If a guest does not show up, it won’t throw away your seating arrangement
  • You can do various sizes of these rounds to adapt to your guest list
  • Easier to socialize across the area


  • It’s for classic looks therefore if you’re a contemporary couple then it might not be for you
  • Centerpieces could block or obstruct the flow of conversation in the dining table
  • Roundtables use more space and do not fit well against walls

Square Tables

Square tables are becoming popular as an alternative to tables that are round. They give you all the same advantages of a roundtable but at an un-common appearance to the majority of occasions.

Example of how many can sit at a square table:

  • 24″ Square: 2 People
  • 30″ Square: 4 People
  • 32″ Square: 4 People
  • 36″ Square: 4 People
  • 42″ Square: 8 People
  • 48″ Square Table seats 8 guests.
  • 60″ Square: 8-12 People (12 is tight though)


  • Offers a modern ballroom wedding appearance
  • Your guests will have a flow to the conversation
  • Aerial pictures of this type of reception will look marvelous
  • A fantastic answer for seating few individuals


  • Because it’s not a standard table – linens will cost more
  • If your site doesn’t offer a square-foot choice, then you’ll pay extra
  • Standard square tables are limited to just fitting eight people per table so you will have to get more or bigger optional tables

Rectangular tables

Rectangular tables remain the best space efficient table you could use at a party. However, except for the guests who sit right across from you, it can be tough to have a conversation. Do not use the head of the table unless you’re employing a 40″ or more substantial.

Many rectangular banquet tables are 30″ inches wide. It won’t allow for centerpieces wider than five ″. These tables are trendy for rustic weddings as you could join long rows to combine multiple tables.

Rectangular tables seating capacities:

  • 30 x 48-inch Rectangles Seat 4 People
  • 30 x 72-inch Rectangles Seat 6 People
  • 30 x 96-inch Rectangles Seat 8 People
  • 8′ x 30″ Banquet Table Seats 10 guests.
  • 6′ x 30″ Banquet Table Seats 8 guests.


  • Could make your reception quite intimate
  • Price of linens would be reduced seeing you have significantly fewer tables to outfit
  • Grand for destination weddings who have fewer guests in attendance
  • Your dining table decor will look smooth over the long table
  • Makes for very amazing photographs of the tables


  • A no-show could throw off your whole seating chart (empty spots)
  • Better in appearance in larger spaces such as lofts & outdoors
  • You’d probably have to select a schedule for buffet type events to prevent numerous guests being up at the same time to get meals
  • Conversation flow is not smooth as you will probably be talking with all the neighbor from the left/right and directly facing you