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10X20 Tent

Price: $139.00


  • Capacity: 20 people

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When it comes to hosting a smaller outdoor event, Nicky Party Rental's 10x20 Tent is the perfect option. With space for up to 20 people, this tent is perfect for hosting intimate gatherings, birthday parties, or even a small business event.

Our 10x20 Tent is made from high-quality materials, ensuring your guests stay protected from the sun and rain. And with its compact size, this tent is perfect for those with limited outdoor space.

Our affordable rental price of only $149 makes it easy to add a touch of elegance and style to your event without breaking the bank. And with its beautiful and sleek design, our 10x20 tent is sure to impress your guests.

Don't let the weather ruin your outdoor event. Trust Nicky Party Rental to provide you with a durable and stylish tent rental option. Book our 10x20 Tent Rental today and ensure your guests stay comfortable and protected no matter the weather.