The Contrast of Commercial and Residential Bounce Castles

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Bounce houses rentals come in all shapes and sizes, yet their distinctions amongst business and private bouncers are the manufactured quality.

And the lack of durability’s and qualities issues that residential castles bring not to say that there cheap but you could tell the difference by just touching them.

Not only that but prices can seem to get overwhelming to some people since they rent small $99 dollar inflatable castles and to see $300 price tag will make them hesitant to rent a large bounce house.

Party Rentals Miami has a variety of inflatable bounce houses to battle these worries and won’t put a dent in your wallet!

What are commercial and private bouncers made from and their warranty?

Business bouncers will, for the most part, be made of high-quality PVC, though less expensive private bouncers will bring thin PVC or fabric.

Warranty differ significantly; however most business guarantees exist in the vicinity of two and five years, and private bouncers have a restricted warranty ranging from 3 months to a year and a year for the airflow item and pump.

Anchors and covers

For private bounce house anchors and covers are not available, but some come in bundles, so they have a tendency to be made of plastic, while business bouncers come in steel or iron.

When using anchors, ensure you utilize them responsibly as bounce houses have the awful disposition to take off in windy climates.

The damage caused by wind is by poor anchor setup and have cause many insurance claims.

Business bouncer brings groundsheets, while private proprietors don’t carry.


Rethreading is the fixable solution to most business inflatables and likewise, withstand punctures and minor leakages. There are tools such as rethreading kit that might serve you well for such an endeavor.

Private bouncers sometimes convey repair patches that occasionally work however most are unfit for repairing so there thrown away if they have a significant puncture.

Noticeably, private bouncers have these mishaps because of their manufacture quality, which shows up in the cost between the two.

Types of bounce houses

The kinds of inflatable castles available, contingent upon your necessities is critical.

Despite the fact that the original preface is the same, the features accessible on the inflatables vary.

Old-fashion inflatables castles offer a small area to jump with short or high dividers, while more new models provide a variety of slides, climbing zones, bungee jumping, combo with pool, disco area with incorporated speakers and LED’s lights.

Wow, talk about highlights not to mention ball pits, sumo wrestling, obstacle courses and if money wasn’t an issue then you could rent the combo that fits you the best!

Air pump

Check to ensure your bounce house accompanies an air blower either electric and diesel or gasoline powered.

Some small inflatables don’t require electric air blower, yet larger will need powerful pumps to keep your castle firm for jumping!

Make sure to have the hoses and connectors well attached for security reasons.

Clean sticks, rocks, and other items from the ground

Indoor bounce castles won’t require a cover tarp, yet before setting it up outside make sure you clean the land of sticks, rocks or other items that may harm your palace.

You could use a protective tarp to make sure that there no way a puncture will happen.

Jewelry and shoes prohibited

To avert harm to the bounce house, everyone should remove jewelry and shoes since it could quickly open a hole and let go of the air inside making a troubling circumstance.

Support and Cleaning

When you’re prepared to put away your inflatable, clean away any soil or garbage that may have gathered on the bouncer.

You can utilize a vacuum to clean away any grime or dirt and use a wet cloth with cleaning liquid for better shining.

Additional items

To make your gathering is extraordinary, I suggest buying play balls to keep children engaged for quite a long time or lease one with a basketball hoop.

But for hot days rent a combo that brings a small pool or if you have a pool then just a slide that goes into the pool.

Precaution tips

The majority of the accidents happen by kids jumping off the inflatable on to the ground, being hit by other kids or just falling off.

Many of these mishaps are avoidable by powerful grown-up supervision.