The Correct Dance Floor Rentals Size for your Event!

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The correct dance floor rentals for your wedding or unique occasion is where the most precious and fun moments of your special day may occur. Have you ever been to a wedding where the dance floor was small, and you felt cramped or too large and spacious? Yes, well, you’re not alone!

To pick the right style, size, and style tent, you will need some questions answered. Read these questions below carefully and bring this info with you to your event rental in Miami Company!

Our dance floor rental Miami team will handle all the jobs with delivery, installation, and breakdown. It will leave you with more time to appreciate the more important details of your big day.

Where will you Install the Dance Floor Rental?

While checking your site, ensure you know precisely where you will install the event dance floor. Will you install it in the middle of the room or a corner? These placements have advantages and disadvantages.

Keep in mind, while hosting an outside wedding, it’s essential to know where you will place your dance floor. Look for the flattest surface possible. If the ground has holes, uneven or bumps, the floor may require subflooring, which needs much consideration for your rental request and budget.

How Large of a Dance Floor do you Need?

This factor can affect the ambiance of the entire event. A little dance floor will have visitors feeling clustered, hot, and unpleasant. However, a significant dance floor with a low number of guests can cause the area to feel too space out and sparse. The correct size for your dance floor will depend on the number of visitors you invited.

Our expert table rentals can provide you recommendations tailored to your occasion. Yet, here are some tips to give you an overall idea of sizing.

Remember that mostly only half of your guests will dance on the dance floor at the same time. It would help if you planned to buy 4.5 square feet of space for every guest and 9 square feet for each couple. If you plan an occasion for 100 guests, you can expect 50 visitors or 25 couples on the dance floor simultaneously.

Dance floor panels usually come in 3’x3′ panels. Each panel is 9 square feet, accommodating one couple or two people. When you need to lease a dance floor for 50 guests to dance, we recommend renting around 25 panels. Below are three typical sizes, the number of visitors, and the area recommended in square feet.

  • 12X12 dance floor accommodates 36 visitors for an area of 144 square feet.
  • 16×16 dance floor accommodates 64 visitors for an area of 256 square feet.
  • 20×20 dance floor accommodates 100 visitors for an area of 400 square feet.

 What Style will Match your Wedding?

New England plank, wood grain, and contemporary white dance floors make their own look and feel inside a venue. Besides the material to use, consider the different features of your wedding. Do you want something traditional, romantic, and timeless? For this, consider a New England plank dance floor as it offers elegance.

white dance floor rental is a great way to add a brilliant feature to the middle of your room and makes the ideal scenery for an image to be projected on your floor. Try not to purchase a typical dance floor. If you need your floor to awe your guests, research the many types of dance floor rentals available to you!


Like some other factors of a wedding, the various styles and sizes of dance floors bring different prices. If you budget your dance floor, consider a more costly finish like a New England plank with a smaller placement and size. Numerous indoor sites will have a dance floor as a feature of space’s cost, but some allow outside dance floor rentals.

If you want to throw your own outside event, a tent rental in Miami and a dance floor should be delivered, installed, and may even require subflooring to guarantee a level surface.