Throw a Controlled House Party People Will Never Forget

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We’ve been on the party rental Miami scene for quite some time and some of the most creative celebrations we’ve seen are put together with dad in mind! With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, we’d like to wish all our dad readers a very happy celebration. And with that said, we’re going to outline tips and ideas you should consider when throwing a great party for your old man.

Revolve your celebration around his interests

No one knows you like your father, and hopefully it goes both ways! When you’re throwing an event, take into consideration what your dad likes and doesn’t like. For example, if your dad likes sports, considering throwing a sports themed party with a sports bounce house rental for the kids and possibly an outdoor flag football game to get people up and active.

Of course, if your pops is more of an introvert and appreciates a quiet time, you can plan a elegant dinner party with only the closest of friends and family. Cook him his favorite food, pair it with his favorite wine, beer or non-alcoholic beverage and viola! He’ll notice your attention to detail and be thankful you put so much thought into the planning.

If you want to do something grand, take him to his favorite show or sporting event, go on a vacation to a city he’s been wanting to discover, or even go to the beach for a barbecue. There are so many possibilities but just remember–it’s his day, and it’s your job to make sure everything is to his liking.

If you’re planning an indoor party, get some Father’s Day party favors

Make sure if your party is at home, you get the necessary party favors to show dad he’s the man! You can find a Father’s Day banner and Father’s Day balloons at your local Party City or you can order online if you plan ahead or are willing to pay extra for quick shipping. Something simple like “World’s Best Dad” or “El Gran Papa” (for our Spanish speaking readers) would work perfectly.

Get a nice collection of streamers and party hats, decorate the cake with an inside joke that only him and the family will get, and really deck out the party so he knows he feels appreciated. Because that’s really what it’s all about.

With gifts, it’s the thought that counts

Often, the gift that costs $5 to make but is wrapped up in careful consideration and detail, will resonate more than an expensive gift with not much paid in mind. Something as simple as a homemade picture frame with a picture of your last family vacation could be an amazing and wholesome present for your dad.

You can go to your local ceramics store and ask them to make a custom mug that has a message just for dad. Or if you know your dad has been complaining about needing a new toolbox for a while, go shopping for one and he’ll be pleasantly surprised that not only you’ve got him something he needed but that you were also listening to him all this time.

Don’t overthink it!

So long as you put your dad first and craft a gift/celebration/event that takes his best considerations into mind, you won’t have any issues. If you’re getting overwhelmed, call up your local party rental company and ask them to take care of tables, chairs, tents, food machines, so on and so forth.

Again, we’re wishing all the fathers out there a very happy Father’s day. Just don’t go too crazy with the dad jokes!