Tips for Buying or Renting a Bounce House

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Bounce House Rental Miami inflatables are bright, entertaining, and among the best methods to keep kids entertained throughout celebrations. Bounce houses are fun inflatable structures that enable kids to jump around and play. The inflatable stays full because an air blower continuously pumps air into the amusement.

These durable, air-filled amusement parks give kids an enjoyable and secure environment to play during celebrations and other events. Children love them since they are fantastic for games and generate happiness of entertainment. Some bounce house rentals also allow for sports like water football, basketball, and penalty shootout.

If you’re organizing a celebration and are thinking about how to keep the children entertained for hours, then an inflatable castle with slides may be an ideal solution for your party.

When deciding to get your inflatable, you will want to take into account several aspects. Would you like to purchase or rent one? What are the size, themes, and sizes? In this post, we offer some pointers that will help you make the ideal selection for your party.

Party Theme

The first thing that you will need to think about is the party theme. Numerous bounce houses are specially designed to accommodate different party themes. Consequently, if you’re planning a theme Batman celebration, then you can come across a Batman inflatable castle rental. Other inflatables come from different characters such as animals, race cars, dinosaurs, Marvel, DC Comics, and much more.


Picking the proper size is essential when you would like to accommodate many kids at a celebration. Overcrowding a little bounce home can hamper its durability and cause injuries to the kids playing. What’s more, if you’re planning to put this up on your patio, then you want to make sure its measurements fit in the restricted area.

A small inflatable castle for your backyard could have a size of 10 ft. long by 10 ft. wide and 6 ft. tall. A commercial bounce house is substantially bigger, measuring roughly 14 ft. long by 14 ft. wide by 13 ft. tall.

Aside from the number of kids and the available area, you also will need to take into account the kids’ age. Older kids could get bored with small inflatables, while younger children may have a challenging time playing inside a giant inflatable that has many obstacles.


Check the features of the inflatable castle before purchasing or leasing one. Many inflatable combos have paths, slides, climbing walls, ball pits, basketball rings, and obstacles.

The bounce house should have a significant jump area, which could accommodate many kids simultaneously. It’s wise to look for protective characteristics, like roofing, which prevents the inflatable from becoming too hot.


How many kids can the bounce house handle, and what’s the maximum weight that’s permitted? Examine the bounce house safety directions to understand the legal weight limit. While lightweight nylon inflatables can support approximately 200 to 500 pounds at one time, heavyweight, industrial inflatable houses could sustain around 1,000 lbs. of weight.

Easy math, five small kids weigh about 50 pounds, so you have 250 pounds already inside; with a 300 lbs. limit, you’ll probably only allow one more kid inside.


For a reason, children take part in a great deal of physical activity while playing in a bounce house. It’s essential to find inflatable constructed from solid, laminated vinyl and nylon materials. Most commercial standard bouncers are made from 18 ounces of vinyl.

Reinforced materials, like twice or perhaps quadruple-stitched vinyl, can be utilized to make bounce houses more balanced and robust. The material of these types of bounce houses needs to be puncture-free and fireproof. Do look for lead-free and safe products for kids. The blower also needs to be compliant with all the safety and quality criteria.


Would you like to purchase or rent a bouncer for the celebration? If you’re likely to utilize more than once, it’s logical to buy the inflatable castle. When buying a bounce house, you will want to find a reputable seller. Think about the delivery options, the cost and, you will have to check the warranty. Most commercial bounce homes have a standard warranty of 2-3 years. Residential inflatable castles could cost anywhere around $100 to $1,000, whereas commercial houses could cost a lot more.

Since the large inflatables on the marketplace are quite pricey, most parents choose to lease them for the celebration. Many businesses rent bounce house combo units, and you can look for them on the internet or via Google. Check the seller’s reputation, recommendations, security, and insurance before making your selection.