Types of Water Slides to Rent or Buy

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As we are certain, you know, the end goal of any gathering is to throw an awesome party. Today Nicky Party Rentals will guide you in the art of buying water slides. It would help if you considered a few things like good entertainment, extraordinary music, and delicious food. Also, a water-themed birthday party might be the perfect idea for the summer. (Especially down here in Miami)

Create your menu and put together ideas that will go into your party. Also, renting an awesome water slide is key in the correct way when throwing a great party. Let’s go over the two water-slides you can lease or buy, including wet/dry or wet and dry.

Wet/Dry vs. Wet and Dry

Inflatable water slide rentals can arrive in an assortment of wet/dry or wet and dry choices. These sorts of slides are different, as shown by their use, and clients want them for party events. Remember that a dry slide has no bumps or turns. It just slides down. A wet slide can have bumps and turns, as water makes this conceivable. Slides foster tons of energy and long-term satisfaction. They are for rent to make money by charging people to slide or just personal family fun use. Taller slides are exciting to some, and with double paths, kids get excited when they race with their friends.

Wet/Dry for All Year Around

Yet, in case you’re uncertain of what sort of inflatable slide to add to your party, it might be smart of you to use wet/dry, as they are available for fun the entire year. With a wet/dry unit, you can lease the slide as a water slide in the mid-year and a dry slide in the cold season. This makes it simple to lease season after season. Wet and dry slide inflatables come as two pieces: the slide itself, and a separable pool or landing cushion.

Water Slides Themes

Namely, there’s a large variety of water slide rentals themes from water-slides to dunk tanks and more! Choose from your favorite cartoon characters, sports themes, Disney, animals, etc. We can say there are Water slides for many styles and ages. Water slide rentals are great for every type of event whether it’s a family and friends or a large event! We do not sell water slides but you can check out Ninja Jump for information on buying.