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This article is for all of you who want to know what type of client’s party rental services are a good fit to use. Since we rent party equipment, you might think we work with the birthday party for kids type of events; well, the answer is no, we do way more than that! Besides the usual types of parties, what big brands and events Nicky Party Rental work with to provide excellent service? Companies like the Marriott Hotel and Omega Church trust only a top party rental, and that is us.

We Specialize in Big Corporate Events Renting Out Party Equipment.

In this type of event, they need a company that they can trust to come thru without any issues such as time, big orders of chairs and tables, lighting, and more. Also, recommending the best venues and planners. If anything goes wrong in these corporate outings, it might mean the difference between a deal and a no-deal between companies. They need a party rental they can trust!

Quinceaneras Party for the young Latin daughters or sweet sixteen, whichever to your liking.

These also can get complicated as the young ladies can become very demanding. I mean, after MTV’S Quinceaneras show upped the bar for the quality of parties and equipment. That means Nicky Party Rental has to deliver top-notch equipment to these young girl’s parties, and we do not mind. It lets us show off the lounge’s quality, LED bars, cocktail tables, and more.

Baby Showers and the decorations needed to make it stand out.

Baby showers became a hit after the big war when Germany and the evil axis were defeated. The saying goes that a close friend should host the baby shower, but it does not happen that way most of the time; it could be a mom of the pregnant gal or a sister. We even have seen the expected mother do it herself. We care about getting the right decorations for the party and tables, chairs, and tents if needed for an outdoor occasion.

Pool Parties are fun and fresh.

I mean, who does not love a mean pool party with all the women in bikinis? Also, to keep the kids entertain, you can rent waterslides in Miami and the surrounding areas from Nicky. What could be better when the weather is hot, hot girls, a 20ft inflatable water slide for rent at your pool? The kids will love it; be careful the wife does not catch your wondering eyes too much, or you might end up on the couch that night.

Kid’s party rentals that is what we are known for since our start.

Party rental Miami Nicky is the best kid’s party equipment rental company from Kendall to Fort Lauderdale, and we are expanding to Palm Beach County pretty soon! Starting with the toddlers, kids, and teenagers, we provide fun for birthday parties. I mean, we have many Miami bounce houses for rent on our website. We got Disney princesses, Batman, Dora, Mickey, and if it is not there, we probably still could get it, so call and check!

Inflatable water slides

Then you go to the inflatable waterslides, and we got plenty, with eleven to choose from. They come from small to 13x20x12 to big ones like the double water slide 24ft called the tropical! Some even bring a little pool if you don’t have one, now what else can you want? We also got them with bounce houses attach to them. These are combo units; the name says it all.

Since we are still showing off for the kids, we are going to talk Combo units!

Let us explain since parents sometimes get confused about what a combo brings. A combo unit can be any inflatable that brings extra items. Here are some examples:

  • Bouncer + 17 obstacle course.
  • Super combo with the bounce house and slide + 17 obstacle course.
  • The Double Rush brings a Double line Obstacle course 41 ft. long, double cline rock climbing 20 ft. tall, double line Slide 20 ft. tall.
  • You can check our combo page for more.

The good old wedding anniversary party.

Now this one will take you out of the dog house and in good graces with the wifey. We got DJ rentals and sound system equipment, tents, LED bars, lounge furniture, and Miami party specials to make this beautiful day perfect for showing all the love toys have for your significant other.

Besides the usual types of parties, what big brands and events Nicky Party Rental work with to provide excellent service? Companies like the Marriott Hotel and Omega Church trust only a top party rental, and that is us. Now you know why we are one if not the best Party Rental in Miami, FL.