Why Rent From a Venue When a Tent Wedding is Available

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I will advise brides that are attempting to locate an affordable wedding site that you don’t need a venue and will demonstrate how you could get all that you’re searching for without burning up all your money with the help of our party rentals in Miami event planners.

I’m not going to bash wedding venue, but I do have some excellent understanding that will enable you to quit sitting around idly at an overrated venue and invest more energy arranging the wedding you had always wanted.

I remember a story of a couple who just got married happily I’ll say, but when they got the bill, the man fainted because it was an exaggerated notice and a charge he couldn’t opt out off. Trust me is not fiction but probably the fainted part a little.

Simply to make my point that you could make it an outdoor event and it’s much cheaper without being cheap. Now the bill wasn’t the worst part so what was the awful part then, the venue only hosted the party for 4 hours!

Wait… only four hours?

Yeah, thus you do some investigation and understand your setting just permits a 4-hour rental and one-hour rehearsal.

Also, there no catering allowed and what’s more, when you’re prepared to pick your caterer, you only could utilize the cooks that they permit.

So you had your food picked, and now it’s lost and have to hire a company you don’t know anything about because of the lack of choices.

Also, if you have around 150 guests, then that is a base price of $12,000 and $14,000.

Wow, that’s expensive, and now while you’re thinking of what you’re going to do next, I’m going to demonstrate to you how you can get everything you need for under $8,000.

Certainly, this won’t be for everybody, but at least you could have great insight, and you’re welcome to use my foreknowledge.

Seven Wedding attributes

  • Enough time to let one of our Miami party rental employees decorate.
  • Adequate space for visitors to socialize or to chat.
  • Delightful food or good catering because people love to eat.
  • A delightful view and outline.
  • No mishaps.
  • Great timing because you want everything delivered right on time.
  • Free bar to have your guest happy because it’s free.

The most effective method to get all that you need under $8,000

When you plan an outdoor wedding and designs a tent wedding, you start making the major decisions. The best scenario is you have full control over all the choices and I will tell you why:

Enough time to set up and adorn

Delivery is 99% of the time conveyed 2-3 days before your big day and enables you to set up and adorn as long as you need.

As you most likely know, scenes permit 1 hour for setup and one more hour for practice the prior night.

Adequate space for visitors to feel great

Every wedding is unique and is the main reason tents are offered in different sizes to oblige little and huge wedding parties.

Indoor settings are fixed structures, in this manner whether your list of people that attend is 100 or 150, regardless you’ll be leasing the whole space.


When you run with a tent wedding, you can pick any cooking service you’d like. So truly, this is totally up to you, and that is its excellence news as no confinements on cooks.

Most venues have contracts with their caterers and most of the times won’t enable you to pick your own.

A wonderful view and plan

Most tent weddings have a great deal of land. So when you decide on the wonderful location, then the best part is that you get to pick the view for best scenery photos.

With settings, if you like the view then that’s it that’s the setting you will have. If you change your mind, there’s a clause that if you cancel you will pay up to 80 percent of the bill.


Let’s recaps everything recorded previously. Tent weddings offer less turmoil because of the more time that it offers the host to get ready. Take as much time as necessary ensuring everything is perfect because there is no time confine for setup, practice, and so on.

Delivering to venues could be exasperated because sometimes delivery is until the day of the event, even so, everything is turmoil sometimes people get away with the minimal damage, but others fail miserably. There’s no time to relax, so the host gets a long day which if the bride is the host then it’s an awful day.