You Have a Party Coming Up, Hire a Planner or Not?

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When do you just require a party rental Miami service or need a party planner? It’s a hard one to figure out, especially when you are on a budget. Today we will go over questions you need to ask yourself before hiring more. So what should be the first question?

Do you have the time to plan this event by yourself?

A lot of times we think that we can do it all, but things could get out of hand quickly with a party, baby shower or corporate get together. We should make sure we give ourselves enough time before the event at least a month if the occasion is more than 12 guests.

When the list gets’ bigger so does the pressure on you. More personalities mean, vegan or not, kids, rentals, and size of venue to include. So you think you got the time to do the event yourself, the size of guests doesn’t faze you, and you already decided where to do it. Then call a party rental and get going with your party, but if not keep reading. So the next question should be the following one.

Have you ever been involved in planning an event?

If you have great! But if this is a first time, ask yourself, how important is this party that you are planning? If the get-together is just for your close friends, kid’s birthday or a small party then go knock yourself out.

But if this is a big corporate party, wedding, or a significant celebration and need it to go as grand as possible, we definitely suggest a wedding planner. Now that we figured out the importance of the event and your experience creating a big occasion let’s move to the next question.

Are you cool under pressure?

When situations get stressful do you rise up to the task or break under it? When the party venue didn’t get the date right, or your party rental tells you they are out of Chiavari chairs a few days before the event are you ready to fix these issues?

If you are good at dealing with unexpected changes and can get on the phone and get what you need then a big event shouldn’t be a big of a deal. After we figure out the size, importance, your experience and calm under pressure. What’s another thing you should look at?

How sure you are the people you are hiring are professional and exceptional?

Yeah so hiring a photographer, caterers, DJ, and equipment company that’s going to deliver the laser lights shouldn’t be this complicated right? To make the right decisions, you need to dig deep into the companies providing the decorations, DJ’s, equipment quality and more.

This can take hours of your time for each service provider you plan on hiring. These means were searching their reviews, websites and having a few phone calls even meetings before deciding on the right one for you. Even with all these hours, you can still miss the mark with some of them. With a planner you might not have to worry if you do your research on hiring them right.

Do you have connections to vendors and venues for an event that’s on a budget?

If you have a spending limit, you might think that DIY should be the way to go, I mean you are saving money by not hiring a planner. The fixed price of an event planner can range from $1,000 to $3,000 for a big event such as a wedding. So it could sound good to pocket that money and do it yourself.

But the connections these planners have to the vendors you need to make this party complete and fabulous is priceless!

These guys have hundreds of big parties they put together.

This has them acquiring connections with venues, florists, decor, party rentals, caterers and anything you can think related to an event. What might cost a Joe Schmoe like me $300; they might have the connection to get it for $190 and so on.

In conclusion

If you have a small get together with a few friends and family you should do it yourself, but big events are too much of importance to leave them to chance! We hope this advice gave you an idea of what to look for before hiring or not a planner.